USB Drive Format Recovery

Tips to Recover Files from Formatted USB Flash Drive

Accidentally format your USB flash drive without important data on it? Don't panic! The files are not erased completed no matter you perform a quick format or full format. As long as the USB flash drive is not physically damaged, you are able to restore the lost files with a third-party USB drive recovery software.

Recover Files from Formatted USB Flash Drive

I formatted USB flash drive by accident and lose everything stored on it. How can I unformat the USB flash drive? What should I do to get back the lost files from a formatted USB flash drive?

USB Flash Drive Formatted by Mistake

It is a common mistake that many people make to format a USB flash drive, which will lead everything to be erased from the USB drive. However, the good news is that the files are still recoverable as long as you don't write new data to the formated drive. Only a professional format recovery software enables you to get back lost files easily and effectively.

Format USB Drive due to RAW Not Formatted Error

When a USB drive shows RAW not formatted error, some users might format the USB drive to fix the error. As a matter of fact, you had better not format the USB when it shows not formatted error because formatting will erase the data stored on the drive.

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