Not Formatted Error

Fix Not Formatted Error for Blackberry

When I was viewing pictures on my Blackberry phone card, I find that I cannot open one of picture. So I deleted this picture and continue to read other pictures. However, I find that all pictures become unreadable. Then, I connect the memory card to my PC, but Windows says that memory card needs to be formatted. How can I fix the not formatted error on memory card for Blackberry phone?

Recover Photos When SD Card Has Not Formatted Error

A 4 GB SD card card shows not formatated error on my Windows PC. But I still have important photos stored on this card. So I want to recover those photos from the SD card when it shows not formatted error. Can anybody give me a help?

Recover SD Card Data When Shows Not Formated Errors

I can no longer access my SD card because it says not formatted. Do you have any way to access an SD card which shows not formatted error? I don't want to format the card because I am afraid that formatting will erase the SD card.

SD Card Not Formatted Error Recovery

On this page, we will share a data recovery software to SD card users. With this data recovery software, you can restore SD card data when it has not formatted error or has other problems.

SD Card RAW Drive Not Formatted Error

SD card needs to be formatted and Windows says its file system has changed to RAW. The used space, free space and total size are showing 0 byte. How to fix the RAW not formatted error on an SD card?

USB Flash Memory Not Formatted RAW Error

My USB flash drive works fine before, but it shows not formatted error and RAW file system without any reason. Can anybody tell me the reason why my USB flash drive shows not formatted RAW drive error? Can you also tell me how to fix the error?

Windows XP Shows Unformatted Error on SD Card

I connected my SD card to my PC which runs Windows XP, system pops up an error message that disk in drive is not formatted do you want to format it now. Without formatting the card, I cannot access the files. However, if I format the card, I will lose files on the card. What can I do?

Memory Card Unformatted Error

Freeware to recover data from a memory card which shows not formatted error. You can recover data from al kinds of memory card like SD card, mini SD card, micro SD card, XD card and CF card.

Solution for Unformatted SD Card Recovery

Is there any good solution for unformatted SD card data recovery? There is some problem with my SD card that shows unformatted error. Can I access an unformatted SD card without formatting?

Unformatted SD Card File Recovery

If an SD card shows unformatted error, you had better not format it before data recovery. You should format the SD card when all important data has been restored successfully.

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