Recover Photos from SD Card with Not Formatted Error

SD Card Not Formatted Error?

Unexpectedly, my SD card has a not formatted error message to stop me viewing any photos inside. When taking a shot with the computer, the Windows also repeats the same error again: “The card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” But, these photos are newly taken with all my families last weekends. I don’t want to give them up with this formatting process. Is this not formatted error problem fixable? How can I also rescue my SD card photos back?

Fix Not Formatted Error & Recover SD Card Photos

Ok! Be relaxed! Your SD card not formatted error problem is recoverable. So are your family photos. But, you should act carefully and take the right steps:

Step1. Take this card out from your camcorder & do not format or write it.
If you attempt to format or write this SD card, your original card photos may be rewritten and lost forever. Task of regaining them all back will also be complicated and difficult. Unless you’ve got back all your family photos, you should never format or overwrite this SD card under any situations. Of course, taking this SD card out from this card could be a good way to prevent any unexpected accidents.

Step2. Insert this card to computer & recover photos with unformatted card data recovery software.
Right now, if you do have not added anything else on this SD card, we can 100% tell you that your family photos are still stored on this SD card. But, they are also invisible and inaccessible. Therefore, you are supposed to let them viewable again with unformatted data recovery software. With this card data recovery software, you often can rescue many photos with different formats, like JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG and RAW, etc.
Moreover, you also can easily select its “Photo” recovery mode to take back your ones when you are asked to choose one from four. The data recovery process could be much simpler and faster.

Step3. Move restored card photos to computer drives. 
In order to fix this not formatted error issue, you are often supposed to format this SD card after data recovery. Therefore, in case of any farther data loss, you’d better directly move the restored photos to your computer drives. Of course, you also can save them on other storage devices, like external USB flash drive or another memory cards. Just put them on safe places.

Step4. Make regular data backups no matter what happens in the future.
In case of similar data recovery problems, I hope you’d better learn a lesson to make data backups on different drives or memory cards regularly in the future.

Step5. Update data backups when you have some changes.


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Format SD Card & Fix Not Formatted Error

Even through you’ve restored your SD card family photos right now, the Windows may also ask you to format since this not formatted error problem has not been fixed. So, format this card to fix all unwanted card or computer problems.

Read Further Information of This Unformatted SD Card Data Recovery Freeware

This Unformatted SD Card Data Recovery software is really a free and comprehensive data recovery tool for all users to restore wanted data back both from a hard drive or memory card. Its user-friendly interface often requires no special or professional data recovery knowledge or experience. It also designs multiple data recovery modes for different data recovery problems.

SD Card Connections

All SD cards are a sort of cards that can be easily plunging into a camcorder/camera/phone/music player. But, they cannot be directly connected to a computer. Therefore, when trying to restore your family photos, you can load this card back to your device and plunge this device to computer with USB cable. And, you also can directly use a card Reader or Adapter to help you. So, prepare a card Reader or Adapter for your memory card in case of any unexpected problems.


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