USB Drive RAW File System

RAW USB Drive Data Recovery

My PC shuts down automatically when I was transferring data from my USB flash drive. When I restarting the PC, it says that USB flash drive needs to be formatted and detects it as RAW drive. How can I recover data from the USB flash drive if I don't format it?

Data Recovery from RAW USB Hard Drive

I want to recover some data from a RAW USB hard drive, but I don't know how to deal with it. Can you show me step-by-step to recover data from a RAW USB drive?

Change RAW USB Drive to FAT32

My USB flash drive changes to RAW file system from FAT32. Is it possible to convert the USB drive back to FAT32 without touching the data on the USB drive?

Restore Data from USB Drive When Has RAW File System

A data recovery software is needed in order to recover data from a RAW USB flash drive. You can rely on the data recovery software to extract files off the RAW USB drive and then format the drive.

USB Flash Drive RAW File System

My USB flash drive changed its file system to RAW suddenly during data writing process. There is 0 byte free space and total size on the USB drive. However, the fact is that it still has more than 2GB free space on the flash drive. I cannot access the USB flash drive, so I cannot read or move any data. Please tell me how can I access the files stored on a RAW flash drive?

USB Flash Drive RAW Format Recovery

Does anybody know USB flash drive RAW file system? My flash drive shows RAW format and disables me to acccess the drive. Can you tell me the method to access a RAW USB flash drive?

RAW USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

Download USB drive data recovery software to restore data off a RAW USB flash drive. You can recover any type of data from a RAW flash drive with a good data recovery software.

USB Memory Stick RAW File System

I find that my USB memory stick shows RAW format in file system. I cannot read any data on the USB memory stick because it asks me to format the USB. I want to know whether I can fix the RAW file system and get back files from the RAW USB stick.

USB Thumb Has RAW Drive Error

When a USB flash drive has RAW format, you cannot access the USB drive. You usualyl need to downlaod USB drive recovery software to restore data from the RAW drive. And then, you can fix the problem by formatting the USB drive.

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