Motorola Mobile Phone Memory Card Data Recovery


This article will introduce you how to use 4Card Recovery to retrieve all your cherished photos, videos, messages, emails and other data from Motorola phone memory card, as long as you’ve firstly reserved these files on this memory card.

Sophia Wright

July 14, 2019

by Sophia Wright

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Motorola Phone Card Recovery by 4Card Recovery

Free download 4Card Recovery to scan your Motorola phone memory card and copy all original files back, after they are lost from this card for your operation errors or card malfunctions.

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Amazing Shots Are Deleted from Motorola Mobile Phone Memory Card?

To be designed with high pixel (even up to 10MP), quick capture, LED flash and other features, Motorola mobile phone can easily help you take amazing shots in seconds. However, these precious photos stored on the phone memory card may also be lost or deleted under some unexpected cases. Have you ever deleted them when updating them to your computer drive? Have ever lost them when viewing them on computer and formatting/reformatting the stored memory card? Have you ever had inaccessible card photos since this phone memory card are asking you to format before using? Have ever been afraid to view your phone photos for virus infection? Or have you ever has no way to access phone photos for card malfunction, like card RAW file system, card bad sectors or card corruption?Don’t be nervous! Under these cases, you need the help of mobile phone memory card data recovery software to take all your amazing shots back.  

How to Recover Phone Memory Card Photos and Files?

The taken shots, files, photos, videos, music and other contents stored on the Motorola mobile phone memory card are not disappeared or destroyed for your error operations or card malfunction. They are still remained on this phone memory card. Write no more file on this Motorola phone memory card. You can easily and safely regain all your contents back from this memory card with phone card recovery software like 4Card Recovery. Its powerful data recovery modes and user-friendly interface can let you have a really happy experience to find your photos and files back.
Here are instructions for you to use this data recovery software:

Step 1:

Download this software on its website and plunge this mobile phone or this phone memory card to your computer only. Install this software and select a pre-designed data recovery mode.

main screen shot

Select recovery options in the main interface

Step 2:

Select your phone memory card when all available media is detected and listed there. And then, once click the “Next” button to scan this card.

select card

Select card to search photos off card

Step 3:
Filter all scanned files. Preview all your wanted files to check whether they are recoverable.

wait for photo searching

Wait while scanning lost photos, sometimes it takes about 20 minutes to scan a 32G card.

Tips: if it takes more than 2 hours to scan a 32GB card, you may stop the scanning and wait to see
what's already found. Since the card may contains bad blocks that takes longer time than usual.

Step 4:
Recover memory card photos and files.

restore lost photos

Preview lost photos and save found files. It would generate a folder to contain your lost data.
Please do not save the photo to the card where you lost them. Save them to your PC drive!

download 4card recoveryDownload 4Card Recovery


* Do not overwrite this Motorola phone memory card before everything is rescued perfectly.
* Do not save all amazing photos and files on the phone memory card again. Make data backups all the time. The Motorola online storage could be an ideal place to save one of your backup copies.

Motorola Mobile Phone Online Storage

Unlike other branded smartphone, the Motorola mobile phone also has offered the customers online storage, except some RAM memory and phone internal flash memory. Moreover, its capacity is also enough to hold tons of photos, music and files, such as 50GB and 32GB, etc. But, this offer also should be redeemed within 30 days of activation. Therefore, if you do have no enough storage devices to save your important phone memory card data, you absolutely can activate the online storage to make data backups. Once your stuffs are stored there, you often can easily access them over the internet at any place.

download 4card recoveryDownload 4Card Recovery

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