Recover Data from Overwritten Micro SD Card

Is There Chance to Recover Data from Overwritten Micro SD card?

Does anyone know whether there are chances for me to recover data from overwritten Micro SD card? Yesterday, after plunging my Micro SD card to computer, I copied some images and videos from this card to my computer drive. But, didn’t know why! It was only the images that had been copied, the assigned videos not. Without realizing that, I had formatted this Micro SD card and overwritten it with more images. But, I really want to get these videos back? Help me, please!

Ok! The best bet for you right now is to start Micro SD card recovery software and see how many of your original videos could be scanned and retrieved. The data overwritten by new images or files is often difficult to be restored. In some cases, even when you’ve restored it, you also probably cannot open or access it for some corruption errors. Therefore, you’ve better not hold out much hope for the complete card data recovery.

Restore Videos from This Overwritten Micro SD Card

Some of your original videos may be overwritten by your new photos on this Micro SD card. But, that doesn’t mean that all your card videos are hopeless and irrecoverable. Therefore, in this moment, you need reliable memory card data recovery software to check how much of your original data could be rescued. So, stop using this Micro SD card immediately and scan it on your computer with data recovery software.
Here are some steps for you to get back your videos as many as possible:   

Step 1:

Press the download button to attain and install this software on your computer. Choose “Photo” recovery mode to go on. 

main screen shot

Select recovery options in the main interface

Step 2:

Hit this Micro SD card to scan it deeply.  

select card

Select card to search photos off card

Step 3:

Preview all files. Select all workable ones. 

wait for photo searching

Wait while scanning lost photos, sometimes it takes about 20 minutes to scan a 32G card.

Tips: if it takes more than 2 hours to scan a 32GB card, you may stop the scanning and wait to see
what's already found. Since the card may contains bad blocks that takes longer time than usual.

Step 4:
Restore and save all restored videos on another card or drive in case of recovery failure.

restore lost photos

Preview lost photos and save found files. It would generate a folder to contain your lost data.
Please do not save the photo to the card where you lost them. Save them to your PC drive!

download 4card recoveryDownload 4Card Recovery


*The more videos you’ve overwritten, the less data you can restored successfully. Stop keeping using this Micro SD card.
*The more data backups you’ve prepared, the more data loss problems you can avoid in the future.

Why Overwriting Thing Could Cause Card Data Loss?

After the formatting process, you Micro SD card images and videos are not lost really. They are still stored on this card. But, they are not allowed to stay there forever. Once the new data is coming, they have to vacate their card space and be replaced completely. Therefore, after the format, anything new written on this Micro SD card could replace your original images and videos and make your wanted original stuffs gone. Therefore, in your case, to avoid farther video data loss, do not use this Micro SD card any longer.

Check Memory Card Data Carefully Before Formatting

Under your case, if you had remembered to check your card data and computer drive data well after the copping process, you would have easily found there were still some videos that had not been copied successfully. Therefore, no matter what change you are going to do with your memory card, just check the card data and backups well at first. Always save everything important or precious on computer drives and storage devices.


download 4card recoveryDownload 4Card Recovery

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