Memory Card RAW

Convert RAW Memory Card to NTFS

Hello everyone! Can I convert a memory card from RAW to NTFS but it will not delete files stored on the card? My memory card turns into RAW file system with important data inside. So I want to convert the card from RAW to NTFS as well as with data back.

Data Recovery from RAW Memory Card

My Kingston memory card 8GB is showing RAW file system. Can I restore data from the RAW memory card? I have saved some pictures and music on the memory card.

Change Memory Card from RAW to NTFS or FAT32

I cannot access my memory card becuase it shows not formatted error and RAW file system. I am wondering if I can access the card normally after formatting the memory card from RAW to NTFS or FAT32. Can anyone give a some advice?

Remove RAW File System from Memory Card

Memory card shows RAW file system and the used space of memory card shows 0 byte? Do you want to remove the RAW file system from your memory card so that you can access the card normally? Don't worry! This article will give you some advice on RAW memory card data recovery.

Memory Card RAW File System Recovery

I inserted my memory card to a card reader and connect it to my computer. Firstly, the computer cannot detect the memory card, so I reconnect the card. Finally, the memory card can be recognized normally, but Windows detects it as a RAW drive.

RAW Memory Card File Recovery

Many people simply think that problem can be solved as long as they can format the RAW memory card and change its file system back to NTFS or FAT32. However, after formatting the RAW memory card, you may find that all files are lost due to formatting.

CF Card RAW File System

CF card becomes unreadble on my cellphone, so I connect it to my PC to transfer files stored on this card to hard disk. However, Windows shows RAW file system on the CF card. I cannot access the card on my PC. Is there any way to fix the RAW file system on my CF card and access files stored on the cardd?

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