How to Check and Install Updates of Your Samsung S3 Android Cell Phone

Need Update My Samsung Phone Android System to Remove SD Card Not Recognized Issues

"Hello, friends there! I have used a Samsung Micro SD card on my Samsung S3 android cell phone . However, this morning, after inserting this phone SD card to the same android mobile phone, I just found this phone memory card even cannot be recognized there and ally my save phone contacts, messages, videos and audios could not be accessed. And I did have searched the related problems and learned that it could be caused by outdated Samsung android system. Do you know how to check and update android system of my Samsung phone? Any detailed step guidance could help me a lot. Thanks!"

Hello, friends! The android mobile phone also could get malfunction problems due to outdated operating system or apps, including the related phone card not readable issues, phone frequently restarting issues, phone crashing issues and more. No matter which one of them causes your Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone problems, you are supposed to download and install the outdated android phone system or programs to see whether your troublesome problems could be fixed. Go read more detailed steps to check and install your Samsung phone updates.

How to Check and Install Updates of Samsung Android Phone?

Generally, there are two common ways for people to update Samsung android mobile phone system as below:

Method1. Update phone system on your Samsung android cell phone.
When you really want to update your android phone system, just connect the internet well and follow the below steps:
Step1. Start android phone Setting menu
Step2. Click About option there and select Update option.
Step3. Choose System update and press Check update button
Step4. Click Yes option to download all updates to your phone.
Step5. Install these downloaded updated well on your mobile phone patiently.
Please Note: No matter what you are going to do, always firstly make android phone data backups well.

Method2: Search and download updates of Samsung phone system from Samsung officiate site
In these days, once the Samsung Company has updated some related apps, tools and drivers, etc, you do also can find them on its official sites. Hence, also go open up its official site and scan its updates to see whether there is something related to your phone OS.

How to Update Samsung Cell Phone Apps?

If you do merely need update your Samsung android phone apps instead of the used android operating system, you also get two ways to have a try:

Method1. Open up every app and check updates on its setting menu.
In these days, many programs and apps are designed with a feature that allows people to find and download the latest updates to upgrade. When there is really a new update, you will often receive a notification message while you are trying to start and use these apps. Of course, if you do have turned off such news notification function, also do not panic. Find the Setting icon of that specific app and scan the options there to check whether there are some new updates that you have not downloaded and installed yet.

Method2. Download app updates from android market
And, if necessary, you can also go open your android phone app market, search for your desired programs and download the latest version there. Also go search for one on Google or Firefox browser to have a try.

Please Note: No matter which browser you use to seek and download the latest version, you’d better choose the safe or authorized sites only to avoid virus infection issues. Also do antivirus scans there before you start to install and launch the downloaded updates.
In short, no matter whether you are trying to check and update your android phone system or apps, you’d better always back up phone contacts, videos, messages, photos, videos and more data well and also download everything safely.

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