How to Save and Back up Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Phone

Is It Possible to Save and Back Up Samsung Phone Contacts to Google or PC?

"Hello! Even though I did have used my Samsung Galaxy S4 android phone for several months, I still was still not so familiar with such android mobile phone stuffs and did not know whether it was possible to save and back up Samsung phone contacts to Google account or PC. Honestly, last time, when I was still using a Blackberry cell phone, I just found it was absolutely difficult to restore contacts from phone internal memory after phone corruption. Hence, in order not to lose tons of phone contacts again, I am just searching for ways to save and back up my important android phone contacts to safe places. Do you have any idea about this? Thanks for any help!"

Hello, friends! You can easily sync your Samsung smart phone with Google to back up your desired phone contacts well. It could be the easiest way for you right now. But, if you also still doubt about the safety, merely go try more methods below to prepare several phone contact backup copies on different storage devices, like your phone memory card, PC partitions, USB portable hard drives and more.

How to Save and Back up Contacts on Your Android Phone Safely?

Honestly, it is pretty correct not to save very important android phone contacts on phone internal memory only. Why? Once you do have encountered some unexpected Samsung phone data loss troubles caused by sudden delete, format, reformat, sudden power loss, and virus attack, etc, it could be really troublesome for you to recover the information stored on the phone internal memory. Moreover, what’s worse is that, after all possible efforts, you may also get no desired phone contacts back as you wish. Therefore, no matter what your situation is now, go follow the below three methods to save and back up your android phone contacts well:

Method1: Back up android phone contacts to Google Gmail Account
You can easily register a Google Gmail account and log in to activate it. And then, set your Samsung phone to start the Google Syncing function like this: Setting=> Account and sync => Contacts => activate auto sync. And then, your android phone contacts will be automatically uploads to your Google account and could be copied back whenever you need them.
Please Note: Also remember to log in this Google Gmail account regularly to see whether your android phone Syncing function works all the time.

Method2. Save contacts to your Samsung android phone SIM card.
Of course, if your Samsung phone is really unfortunately corrupted due to water damage, long time use or suddenly dropping and the likes, you can also still try to read the phone SIM card with another mobile phone or your newly purchased android phone to copy all lost contacts back as long as you do have saved the damaged Samsung phone contacts on the inserted SIM card wall in advance. Hence, always select SIM card, not phone internal memory, as the target location, while you are trying to save some new contacts.
Please Note: This ways always helps you when this SIM card is not seriously damaged after android phone corruption.

Method3. Save contacts on phone memory card and back them up to your computer storage devices.
And then, at last, if you do have used a Micro SD card, SD card, SDXC card and the like phone memory card inside your android cell phone, go save all useful contacts on this memory card and back them all up to your computer storage devices well. After you do have store at least one copy of these Samsung Android phone contacts there, even when the backup hard drive or memory card gets problems, like the blank or unsupported file system errors, unformatted memory card or hard drive errors, virus formatting or more, you are also able to recover lost contacts with data recovery software.
Hope these methods works for you and you will never lose any important phone contact in the future.

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