How Do You Take a Screenshot on HTC One Android Phone?

Is There a Way to Take Screenshots on My HTC One Android Phone?

"Hello! I have used a HTC One M9 android cell phone and want to take a screenshot of my text conversation. Do you have any idea about how to capture a screenshot with android mobile phone? Do I have to download a app that is especially designed for taking screenshots of a mobile phone? Thanks for any help here!"

Hello, friends! No matter why you need take a screenshot with your HTC smart phone, you can go easily try to press the Volume and Power buttons at the same time for several seconds, and then, saving screenshots on your HTC phone Micro SD card or SD memory card to have a try. But, if this cannot help you out, you may have to keep on reading this article and try other methods to take chances.

It Is Really Convenient to Capture Screenshots with Cell Phone

In these days, after being connecting to internet, the android cell phone could be really useful to search for some urgent information related to business meeting, school housework and more unknown knowledge, play a game, locate a hotel, restaurant or garden, and find more needed data over the internet easily. However, sometimes, it also could be really troublesome and time-consuming to write down or take record all found information shown on your phone screen one by one? OK! No worry! You can merely go capture screenshots with this mobile phone, save them all on your android phone memory and check them all at any time and any place. It could be really convenient.

How to Take Android Phone Screenshots?

You really need take screenshots to save found maps, sharing searched photos, checking found commercial or authorized information on your Android cell phone? But, get no idea about how you can do that? All right! Here are common three methods for android phone users to capture screenshots with ease:
1). Use the mobile phone built-in shortcuts
Nowadays, many android mobile phones are created with some built-in shortcuts that allow you to smoothly capture a screenshot. For example, some android cell phones let you long-press Power and Volume buttons at the same time to activate the screenshot functions. However, since some phones are designed with different version of android operating systems, you may also need to long-press Power and Home buttons, or Power and Back buttons instead.
If you are not sure which way is proper for you, go check detailed information on the official site of your HTC phone.  
2). Use the screenshot functions of some website browsers.
Which website browser have you used on your HTC cell phone? In these days, many website browsers are also designed with screenshot functions. After downloading and installing these browsers, you can easily find and click that screenshot feature to capture the screenshot.
3). Download a special screenshot taking app
Of course, if you do not success in trying the above two methods, go download a special screenshot taking apps over the internet. Merely go open your android phone market and you can find the related programs there easily. 

Save and Backup Important Android Phone Screenshots Timely

No matter how and why you take these screenshots on your android phone, you’d better always save them well on the phone memory cards so that you can easily transfer them all to your backup drives, computer partitions or upload them to your social sites. Moreover, in case of deleting phone data or format phone memory card to lose anything useful, you are also supposed to timely back up these screenshots to your storage devices well. Merely plunge the phone storage card to your PC, connect other storage devices well, like external hard drives, flash drives or more, and save copies of these important screenshots there.

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