Cannot Make or Receive a Call on My Samsung Android Phone

Samsung Android Phone Will Not Take or Make Calls

"Hello! I really need your help to fix my Samsung Galaxy S4 android phone. Honestly, this android phone was purchased several years ago and used by my little brother. And recently, since my HTC smart phone was dropped into water accidentally and did not work any longer, I borrowed and use it for daily communications. However, it just run strangely and cannot take or make calls. My brother just said it worked perfectly last time when he used it one year ago. Do you know why won’t my Samsung cell phone send or receive any call? Do you know what happens to this android phone when it is unused? What can I do now to resolve the phone problems? Thank you very much!"

Hello, friends! It really sounds like that this Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone gets a signal issue. Merely go check your android phone to see whether this guess is correct. If not, also do not worry. Such cell phone not making or receiving a call problem can happens to android phone users due to a variety of reasons and the solutions also vary according to different causes behind. Just go read more related information here and see what you are supposed to do to fix your android phone.

Why My Samsung Phone Cannot Send or Receive Calls?

Generally, the reasons behind such Samsung android phone not sending or receiving call issue could be different based on different user conditions, including bad phone signal, loose or faulty SIM card connections, mobile phone low battery power and more. You’d better take a deep thinking about these major causes behind such phone problems and see whether you can figure out some useful clues to fix your Samsung phone.

What to Do When Android Phone Will Not Make or Receive a Call?

No matter why your android phone cannot receive or make calls, here are useful methods for you to resolve your Samsung phone issues easily on your own: 

1). Check whether your android phone signal is active
Generally speaking, the android cell phone with full signal always helps people send or receive calls, messages, videos and more information smoothly and quickly. However, oppositely, when your phone signal is really poor or even there is no any signal, it is really possible that you get or send no the related information, right? Hence, when your android phone really cannot take or make any call, you’d better go check whether your android phone signal is active or not.
2). Check your phone SIM card connection
Are you sure that you do have take the SIM card out from that water damaged HTC mobile phone and also inserted it to this Samsung Galaxy phone before you try to send a call with this android phone? Honestly, in order to let your phone take or make a call successfully, except the signal, you are also supposed to plug a workable SIM card. Merely go power off this Samsung phone and check whether this SIM card is connected correctly there.
Please Note:
*If necessary, go insert this SIM card to another workable cell phone to see whether this SIM card is also water damaged.
*Before you check the phone SIM card connection, always turn off this android phone to avoid corrupting phone memory card or any phone SD memory card data loss troubles.
3). Check whether your phone is fully charged
Since your Samsung phone has not been used for one year, you’d better also go fully charge this Samsung android phone to support the call function. Of course, in case of damaging the phone battery or your mobile phone, you’d better use the commonly-used phone charger, not a completely new or incompatible one.
4). Avoid using your android phone in some places with electrical or radio interface or obstructions.
In daily use, when your Samsung phone and inner components are all in good state, you may also meet such phone problems since the phone signal is negatively affected by some electrical or radio interface or obstructions, including some underground parking garages, running elevators, even some tall building. Hence, always go avoid using your mobile phone in some places with the related electrical or radio interface or obstructions. For example, if the cell phone signal in the college dormitories is always really poor, just go out for a call. When you get no any signal in the elevators, go use your phone after you do have take off the running elevators. Overall, do what you can do to avoid such things correspondingly.
Hope you can take and receive a call smoothly with your Samsung mobile phone now.

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