Windows 10 Computer Does Not Recognize Samsung Android Phone

PC Does Not See Connected Samsung Android Phone?

"Hello! Recently, my Windows 10 PC just fails to recognize my connected Samsung Note Android phone and I just could not view any photos and videos inside this android cell phone. Honestly, I did have done nothing improper to this computer, except that I had upgraded its operating system from Windows 7 into Windows 10 last weekends. You do get any idea to let my computer read this Samsung phone normally as before? What could be the reasons behind such android phone not recognizing issues? Thank you very much in advance!"

Hello, friends! Have you updated your Windows 10 computer drivers after you do have upgraded its operating system? Or have you tried this Samsung android phone with other USB cables or on another computer? Honestly, such computer not recognizing android phone problem happens to almost all mobile phone users ever due to different reasons. But, not all of them do have finally had to discard their android phones. In other words, after taking some right measures, you are also possible to read your mobile phone on the same computer smoothly. Therefore, just go on reading this article to know what you can do with such issues: 

Why Windows 10 Computer Will Not Recognized Android Mobile Phone?

Even though the related Windows 10 not recognizing Samsung phone problems come to people occasionally, it does not mean the reasons behind such issues are completely the same. Oppositely, the actual causes always vary according to different android phone users. And, in order to help you find out your reason, here are some useful ones for you:
1). Android phone is locked somehow
Have you encrypted your Samsung android phone to avoid unwanted phone data access or data leaking? If so, that could be the reasons behind your phone problems. Why? The locked or password protected mobile phone often cannot be easily accessed without firstly unlocking it or removing the password protection function.
2). Faulty connection
Generally speaking, people often can successfully access and read android phone information, especially the phone SD card or Micro SD memory card files, only when they do have rightly connected this phone to their PC. Hence, oppositely, if you get a faulty connection caused by corrupted USB cables, damaged computer USB ports or the likes, you will absolutely find that your phone could not be detected well on your computer. 
3). No Samsung phone SD card or Micro SD memory card inserted
After being plunged to a Windows computer, Android phone often could be recognized as an external storage device, when you do have inserted your phone memory card. Without a phone memory card inserted, like the commonly-used CF card, SD card, TF card, Micro SD card and more, your phone may also not be able to be recognized there.
4). Computer problems
Of course, if you do make sure that your Samsung note phone gets no any problems, the related issues are also able to be aroused by computer problems, including the corrupted or deleted computer operating system, computer damages, outdated computer drivers and more.
Overall, hope you can find out yours rightly.

How to Fix Windows 10 Computer Not Recognizing Android Phone Problems?

If you want to fix such Windows 10 computer not recognizing phone problems, here are some suggestions for you to have a try:
1). Disconnect this Samsung note phone.
No matter whether you do find the right causes or not, the first thing you are supposed to try is to disconnect this Samsung android phone to take another try.
Please remember to safely remove it out from your computer.
2). Unlock your android cell phone.
If you do sure you have locked or add a password protection there, go unlock it or disable its password protection function. And, the way is really simple. How you do have locked or encrypted it, just go use the same way to unlock or decrypt it.
3). Insert android phone memory card.
If you do have forgotten to insert your phone memory card to this Samsung note smart phone, it is not too late to plunge it now. And then, connect it to your PC to have another try.
4).Check your phone USB cable or computer USB port.
If you do doubt whether you have got a faulty connection, go check your phone USB cable or computer USB port. Just connect this Samsung android phone to your PC with different USB cables, USB ports or computers.
5). Check your Windows 10 computer.
When you think your phone not reading issues are aroused by computer problems, just go check it carefully. Restart your upgraded computer to see whether it reads this Android phone smoothly. And then, check your computer drivers to see whether the drives, which can help reading your Samsung phone, also should be updated. And then, also go check whether your computer operating system are damaged or not. 
6). Ask experts for help.
At last, go ask experts for help to remove such problems.
Please Note: No matter what happens, always save Samsung note android phone data backups on multiple drives or locations well all the time.

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