How to Fix HTC One Android Phone Not Turing on Problem

HTC One Android Phone Will Not Start Up

"Hello! I have my HTC One Android phone for over one year and saved all pictures and videos of my little son on a 64GB Samsung Micro SD card inserted. In daily use, I away can easily long press the power button to boot up this android smart phone easily. But, recently, did not know why. No matter how long I did have pressed the switch there, nothing just happened. Is my android cell phone failed somehow and cannot be used? If not, what can I do to fix such android phone not turning on problems? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated here. Thank you very much!"

Hello, friends! Before you do really start to fix your HTC android phone not turning on issues, you’d better extract the phone Micro SD card out and plunge it to your PC for saving phone memory card photo and video backups on several devices or locations well. And then, go read out article and see what you can try to resolve your android phone problems smoothly.

Why My HTC Android Phone Will Not Turn On?

Honestly, in daily use, many people have ever encountered similar mobile phone not starting up problems and also fix such problems successfully at last. So, do not worry too much and firstly go see why such Android phone not booting up problems come to people:

1). Android mobile phone is sleeping too long and cannot wake up immediately.

Sometimes, when your android smart phones are sleeping too long or has been forced to sleep suddenly, they would refuse to wake up from sleeping since they really do have not been given enough time to response yet.

2). Android phone battery is damaged.

Any android mobile phone needs power support from the inserted battery when you do have not plugged it into a phone changer. Hence, if your android phone battery gets some problems, like faulty connection, loose connection or serious damages, etc, you phone may also not be able to be start up when you do press its power button.

3). Android cell phone is broken or corrupted.

Have you done something to corrupt your HTC one mobile phone before, like dropping, shocking, hitting or falling it into water accidentally? If you do, your phone won’t turn on probably only because this phone is already broken or corrupted due to your operations.
So, which one of them is more possible for your case? 

How to Fix Android Phone Not Turning on Problem Step by Step?

No matter why the HTC android phone will not turn on and what you have done to this phone, here are several things that you may try to fix it:

1). Long press the power button to end its too long sleeping.
If you think your phone only cannot turn on since it gets no enough time to come back from too long sleeping or too sudden sleeping, go long press the power button to see whether it could not boot up soon.

2). Reconnect your android phone battery start it up again.
If the first way also cannot help you start your phone up again, go remove the phone battery and reconnect it there to have another try. Generally, as long as you do get no physical damages, this way always helps restore your mobile phone effectively.

3). Reboot your cell phone after plugging it into a changer.
If you do want to know whether it is your phone battery that has caused such issues, you can go plug it to your phone changer to take chances. If this phone could turn on this time smoothly, you may need to change another new battery.

4). Contact mobile phone repairing shops.
If you do doubt whether your mobile phone is corrupted or not, you may go contact some professional phone repairing shops for help.
No matter which one of them is proper for you, such android phone not turning on issue does not always indicate that your phone is corrupted or irrecoverable. Go fix it according to your own situations.

Recover HTC Android Phone Memory Card Photos, Videos and Files after Losing Data Mistakenly 

In order to cause no android phone memory card file loss troubles, you are suggested to prepare phone data backups on extra portable hard drives, pen drives or the like storage devices well before you start to fix the related phone not turning on problems. But, if you do make no backups and do the phone problem resolving process, find your phone memory card is asking to format, displayed as RAW file system or corrupted on your PC, go recover your phone videos, photos and files with data recovery software.

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