How to Use External Drive or Flash Drive on Android Phone

Need External Drive or Flash Drive to Extend Android Phone Memory

Living in this technological era, people often easily get a smart android phone with a really large amount of memory, like the popular Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone, HTC 10 cell phone, LG X mobile phone and more. However, in daily use, no matter how large amount of memory the used cell phone has been allocated, over time, they may also encounter phone low memory issues and wonder whether it is possible to add an external hard drive or flash drive for expanding android phone data, though they do have plunged external storage devices there, like a 64GB Samsung Micro SD Card or 32GB SanDisk SD card, etc. And you are also one of them and search for solution to connect an external storage device to your android phone or try to read files and photos stored on a USB hard drive or pen drive on your android phone? OK! No worry! It is possible to use a external storage device on a smart phone. And what you are supposed to do is really simple.

What You Are Supposed to Prepare?

In order to connect your needed portable hard disk or USB drive to your Android mobile phone smoothly, you are also supposed to do some things in advance. Here is what you need to prepare:

1). Go get a USB OTG cable.
As we all know, the USB connection of the android phone is completely different from the connection port of your flash drive or external hard drive. Hence, without a cable tool, you always cannot directly connect that external device to your mobile phone. And what you need is only a USB OTG cable which has a Micro USB port on the one end for connecting a mobile phone and another normal USB port on the other end for connecting your USB hard disk or USB thumb drive. So, go get one for latter use.

2). Seek and install a android app that allows phone to read or use a external storage device
In order to let an USB hard drive to be mounted and read on your PC, you are often asked to install a drive driver in advance. And, when you do want to read a external storage device on your android phone, you are also supposed to download and install a related android app that allows phone to read or use the connected device easily, just like phone drive driver. So, go seek one over the internet.

How to Connect and Use USB Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive on Android Phone

And now, when you do have prepared the needed materials well, you can go add your device to your mobile phone for future use.

Step1.Connect external hard drive to your android phone with the prepared OTG cable
Step2. Go use your storage device with this android phone when a USB connector connected notification is given.
And see? As long as you do have prepared the needed tools well, what you are supposed to do next is really simple.

Please Note:

1). Back up all android phone information well on another storage device at first.
No matter what you are going to do with your android phone, it always necessary to back up the needed phone photos, videos, music, messages, contacts and more files well on several storage devices, especially extract data stored on the inserted SD card or Micro SD card and save backups on else devices.

2). Turn off the mobile phone to remove the used SD card or Micro SD card then, if necessary.
Of course, if you are afraid that you will delete phone memory card files or format phone memory card accidentally, also go turn off the phone and remove the phone memory card out in advance. Always keep this extracted phone SD memory card on a safe place.

3). Do antivirus scan before accessing the connected external storage device.
In case that the connected external storage device is virus infected, also go do an antivirus scan before you start to access anything inside.

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