How to Disable Samsung SD Card Encryption on Android Phone

Encrypted Samsung SD Card Gets Problems on Android Phone
In these days, after encrypting Android phone Samsung SD card, android phone always gets problems and becomes really slow? The phone memory card data copying, viewing and transferring are also negatively affected? Really need to remove the encryption functioned used on your phone SD card to have a good check about whether the phone problems are associated with the encryption? OK! No matter why you do have to decrypt your android phone SD memory card, you are able to go try these below ways to perform SD card encryption.

How to Stop SD Card from Being Encrypted? 

In daily use, many people are not able to get accustomed the android phone memory card encryption function and started to find a solution to stop the SD memory card from being encrypted after sometime’s struggling, just like you. Hence, no worry! You are not the only one that needs to disable the memory card encryption. And, go read and see which one of the below ways is practical for you:

1). Disable SD card encryption on Android phone
In these days, no matter which type of SD cards you have used on your android phone, including Micro SD cards, SDXC cards, SDHC cards, Mini SD card or the likes, you can go directly change your android phone setting to disable the card encryption function.
Here are common simple steps for you to follow:

Step1. Open Setting option of your android phone.
Step2. Select Security option under Settings interface.
Step3. Click Encrypt external SD card there.
Step4. Disable Encryption there by following its guide.
Step5. Reboot your android phone at last.

Please Note: Pay attention to select phone encrypt external SD card option, not encrypt phone option, in the option list.

2). Check android phone memory card on Your PC

If you do find no disable encryption option there or you do have found a grayed-out encryption option there, do not give up too early. Merely go plunge this phone Micro SD card or SD memory card to your PC and go see whether it is somehow damaged and bring your low performance issues. Generally, in these days, many phone memory card problems could slow down the android phone performance, like virus infected memory card issues, logically damaged phone SD card and more. Go find yours and try to fix it successfully. Search for more related information over the internet to guide you.
Please Note: Do not format SD card or fix its possible problems without data backups prepared.

3). Contact customer service part

If you really do get no idea about how to remove the SD card encryption, after you have tried all possible solutions found online, you can contact the customer support of your android phone or SD card. Why? The manufacturers or designers always know their own designed phones and memory cards best, right? So, contact the customer service team to see whether they have good suggestions to resolve your encryption problems. Of course, if your android phone or SD card is still in warranty, it could be really good for you.

Make Android Phone SD Memory Card Backups Well all the Time

No matter which reason behind your problem is, before you start to descript your phone SD memory card, you are supposed to prepare phone data backups well firstly. Why? This action can help you avoid many unwanted phone data loss troubles, like accidentally formatted Micro SD card data loss troubles, corrupted SD card problems and more. What you are supposed to do is only copy and save every important image, video, song, contact and file to another storage device well in advance.

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