How to Record Videos on a 16GB SD Card of My Canon Camera?

How Can I Record Videos Directly on My Canon Digital Camera? 

Hello, friends! Are you still wondering whether it is possible to record videos directly on a 16GB SD card with your Canon Digital camera? OK! You do come to the right place. Honestly, in these days, many Canon digital cameras are designed with a memory card slot that allows people to insert a Micro SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card and the like SD card, not some commonly used USB flash drive, external hard drive or the like storage devices, and store camera photos, videos and files straightly.
Hence, if you really want to record precious or interesting videos directly on your 16GB SD memory card, merely turn off your Canon camera and plunge this SD memory card through the card slot to see whether the SD card could be recognized well there.
But, if your used digital camera only supports a Micro SD card, you may need to purchase another high-qualified Micro SD card to go on.

I Cannot Record Data on the Inserted SD Memory Card?

After inserting this 16GB SD memory card to your Canon camera, you just find this camera memory card could be detected well there, but, also does not allow you to write anything there, needlessly to say that you can record any video or image on this 16GB storage card? No worry! People also are able to encounter such unreadable SD memory card problems when they firstly use the card on their digital cameras and digital camcorders. Do not rush and go follow two steps to fix everything:

1). Unlock this SD card to remove its write protection function
Generally, when people come across the related SD memory card recording problems, they do often will firstly check whether the camera memory card is write protected or locked. Honestly, in these days, in order to offer a safer protection to memory card contents of the card users, many manufacturers are produced their SD cards with a write protection switch which often allows people to easily open or close the write protection function freely. And, in your case, if you do want to save your recorded videos on the camera memory card smoothly, also go check and set switch to unlock it firstly.

2). Format this SD memory card on your Canon camera before saving any new data there
When you do insert this 16GB card to your Canon camera, just find an error message pops out and tells: "The inserted memory card is not formatted. Format it before use"? All right! When your SD memory card has unsupported file system or is firstly used on an electronic device, such SD card not formatted error problems happen occasionally. Do not panic and go format this SD memory card before writing any new video, picture and file there.
And then, go record your desired data on this 16GB SD card as you wish. Also timely extract and save copies of everything precious to other drives or locations in case of data loss troubles in the future.

My Computer Won’t Record Videos on a Connected SD Card?

While connecting this SD card of your Canon digital camera to your computer with a card reader, also find computer won’t read recorded videos well there? OK! Also keep calm and go check these tips:

1). Disable SD card or card reader write protection function.
In these days, many memory card readers are also created with write protection function for users. Therefore, if you are sure your SD card write protection function is closed, also go check and disable to write protection of your used memory card reader. What you are supposed to do is also only slide the write protection switch there.

2). Go change another USB port or USB Memory card reader

When the inserted camera memory card is not able to be read well on a computer, it is also possible to be caused by faulty connection. So, go change anther USB port of your PC or USB memory card reader to take chances.
To sump up, no matter why your camera SD card could not be recognized well on your computer, you are supposed to prepare SD memory card data backups well all the time to avoid any data loss problem.

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