How to Format 64GB SD Card from exFAT to FAT32

Can Not Format 64GB SD Card?

"Hello! I have a problem with my 64GB SanDisk SD card that has been used for only a couple of days on my Blackberry phone and saved tens of family photos there. However, this 64GB memory card cannot be recognized on my digital camera only because this Canon camera supports SD or Micro SD card with FAT32 or NTFS file system type only. Is there any way for me to format phone SD card from exFAT to FAT32 without losing pictures inside? Thanks for any suggestion here!"
Hello, friends! It is absolutely possible for you to format your 64GB blackberry phone SD card from exFAT to FAT32 without any data loss. Just make copy of everything precious to another phone/camera SD memory card or storage devices and try to convert your memory card from exFAT to FAT32 with ease.

How to Format 64GB SD Memory Card from exFAT to FAT32?

In case of losing 64GB memory card photos of your Blackberry mobile phone, stop taking or adding any new photo and files on this SanDisk SD card with exFAT format. And then, follow the below two methods to format exFact phone SD card into FAT32:

1). Format SD card in the device that supports FAT32 file system type

In your case, this SanDisk 64GB SD memory card needs to be formatted in the device that supports FAT32 file system type. In other words, merely go back up all SD memory card pictures on another storage device and extract it out from your Blackberry cell phone. And then, insert the same memory card to your digital camera that supports FAT32 or NTFS format only. Just start the Canon camera well and find General Setting interface to perform a formatting process on your inserted 64GB memory card.
And then, go see whether this SanDisk SD card could be read well on this camera.
Please Note: No matter whether you do need to remove the SD memory card out from your mobile phone or plunge it into your Canon camera, remember to turn off the phone and camera at first to avoid damaged SD card data loss troubles.

2). Use SD card formatter tools
Of course, if the device in question, like your Canon camera, does not have the ability to format your 64GB SD card from exFAT to FAT32. Also plunge this SanDisk memory card to your computer with a card reader and download SD card formatter tools to change its file system type smoothly. Merely open your internet and go search for one based on your needs.

Please Note: Also copy everything important well to another storage device before you do format this phone SD card with formatting software.

How to Recover Photos from 64GB SD Card before or after Format?

You do have formatted this 64GB SanDisk SD card on your digital camera without extracting any copy of your precious family photos? Or SD memory card could not be accessed before any format right now? OK! Making no data backup of this exFAT format flash memory card pictures poses risks for the safety of your important family images. Hence, go recover data when memory card needs to be formatted with not formatted error recovery programs. However, if you do have formatted this SD card, also go recover formatted SD card files with format recovery utilities. Just act carefully to take your wanted 64GB memory card files back.

How to Format SD Card from RAW to FAT32?

Unfortunately find that your phone SD card has RAW file system and cannot be used on digital camera that recognizes memory card with FAT32 only? Or merely need format SD card from RAW to FAT32 smoothly? No worry! When you are asked to format inserted SD card on your phone or digital camera, merely go format it there after you do have saved very important files on else drives or locations well. Of course, if necessary, you are also could try to change the file system type of your SD memory card on your computer with the aid of a workable card reader.

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