Windows 10 PC Will Not Read SD Card

How to Access Files on Camera SD Card in Windows 10 Computer?

"Hello! You know why my Windows 10 computer won't read my Canon camera SD card. In fact, this 32GB Kinston SD card also works and is read well on my Windows 7 computer. However, recently, I do have upgraded the computer operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10. And then, it just stops reading this SD card. After connecting this camera to my computer, nothing happens then, no noise, no error message popping out, just nothing. Do you know how to access photos and videos inside this camera SD memory card in Windows 10 computer? Thank you for any help!"

Hello, friends! Have you correctly upgraded your computer Windows 10 OS? Have you do have updated your memory card readers of your PC timely? Honestly, in your case, such "Windows 10 won’t read SD card" problems could be aroused by incorrectly updated Windows OS, outdated memory card reader or damaged SD memory card reader, etc. Merely, if you want to read your camera memory card photos and videos normally as before, also go start to fix the problems based on these clues.

Simple Steps to Read SD Card Data via Windows 10 PC

After Window OS upgrading, especially for some computer beginner, it is realty possible to encounter the related SD card not readable problems. But, also do not panic! Here are simple steps for you to fix them all smoothly.

Step1. Update a Windows 10 card reader

Are you still using the original memory card reader with the SD card inserted on your Windows 10 computer? How long have you used this card reader? Is it possible to be damaged due to long-time use somehow? Merely go change another card reader to see whether it is the problem of your old card reader. If it is really caused by damaged card reader, go update it. Merely purchase another new one for future use.

Step2. Download a Windows 10 card reader driver.

Sometimes, computer also cannot read the lunged memory card since computer card reader driver is outdated. Do you know how a card reader driver works on your Windows 10 computer? It often will help computer OS recognize, run and read the connected memory card reader. In other words, without a functional SD card reader driver, you are also possible not to access your camera memory card pictures smoothly. Hence, go download the latest Windows 10 card reader driver to your computer. 
Install it well there to have another try.

Step3. Check your upgraded Windows 10 operating system carefully

Such computer problems are also able to happen when your Windows 10 operating system is upgraded incorrectly. Do you get any guide over the internet to complete the Windows 10 installing process? Have set your PC OS well? Anyway, just go check it well and see whether there are some problems. If you do have done something wrong, go reinstall it with the guide of professional experts.

Windows 10 Computer Will Not Read SD Card since You Need to Format It Before Use?

Windows 10 computer will not read SD card since Windows says: "You need to format the card before you can use it" every time you try to read your camera SD card on your laptop? And the worse thing is the Windows is also not able to complete the formatting process when you do format this SD memory card? OK! It sounds like that camera SD card seems to be corrupted. But, the situation may not be as bad as you think. Do no any formatting process on this camera memory card and run SD card not formatted error recovery software to retrieve original data back. And then, format this storage card to restore its common use. If the formatting process also could not be completed, go see whether it is write-protected or seriously damaged. If it is write protected, go remove the write protection to remove all problems. But, if it is physically damaged seriously, you are supposed to ask experts for data recovery help, if it is necessary for you. Overall, the related "Windows 10 won’t read SD card" problems do not always indicate corrupted memory card issues.

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