How to Format SD Card to Use It Functionally Again?

SD Card Turns into RAW File System and Asks to Format?

Hello, friends! Wonder to format camera or mobile phone SD card when SD memory card file system type is changed from FAT32 to RAW and asks: "the memory card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now? Don’t know whether it is proper to perform a quick or full format straightly there? OK! Whether you are supposed to format this SD card with RAW format often depends on whether you do have left anything important, including some precious camera pictures or needed digital camera videos, on this RAW camera or phone memory card. If you do not reserved anything crucial there or do have made data backups perfectly, merely go follow the SD card unformatted error message to format it there. But, oppositely, also no worry! Merely convert RAW SD memory card from RAW to FAT32 or NTFS by simple format before you do perform RAW memory card data recovery there.

SD Card Is Blank or Virus Infected and Needs Formatting?

When you trying to read your SD card on your computer, smart phone or digital camera, merely find this SD memory card is blank weirdly and guessed whether your SD card files are deleted by viruses? Or when you try to access this memory card, just find the memory card may be virus infected and needs formatting? OK! No worry! In such case, people are often suggested to perform antivirus scanning to remove all vicious viruses and threats. And then, see whether it is necessary for you to format SD card to clean all suspicious things off from this memory card.

SD Card Is Not Recognized and Asks If I Want to Format?

Anyhow, now, digital camera or mobile phone just no longer recognize inner used SD card and asks if you want to format it whenever you want to open and use pictures, videos and files inside this SD memory card? Have you tried this not recognized SD card on your Windows computer? What does the computer Windows operating system tell you? Is it still asking to format this SD memory card? If so, without files left on this memory card, just perform a formatting process there.

Methods to Format SD Card to Restore Its Common Use

Have already decided to format SD card to restore its common use and still wonder how you can safely format this memory card? Here are simple methods to help you out:
1). Format SD Card on Camera, Mobile Phone or Tablet

Turn off your digital camera, mobile phone or tablet and insert this SD memory card as you usually do. When the electronic device gives the same SD memory card not formatted error message, merely select the "Yes" or "Format" option to do a formatting process there. Patiently wait till the entire SD memory card is formatted completely.

2). Format SD Card via Windows Computer

If you have connected this SD card to your Windows computer with a card Reader, also do not remove it and go format it via your Windows computer. Just right click this memory card in My Computer window and hit "Format" option there. Also go right click this SD card in Disk Management interface to choose "Format" option, if it is more convenient for you.

Please Note: If you are really stuck in RAW file system memory card error problems or blank or unsupported

file system error problems, before you do start the formatting process, check the destination memory card file system type carefully.

3). Download formatting software to take chances
Also open your Google, FireFox, IE explorer and the like website browsers to search for a professional formatting software to do a format on your SD card with not formatted error, not detected errors or the likes. Merely follow the software guide to finish entire formatting process smoothly.

Recover SD Card Files before Format When You Do Get No Backup

No matter how and why you do have to format your SD card, you are often suggested to double check the SD card file backups stored elsewhere carefully in case of data loss troubles. If you do have no data backups, go extract and save everything important to another storage device well at first. Of course, when this memory card is inaccessible already, also go recover SD card files with SD card data recovery software firstly. Overall, always make data backups well all the time.

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