How to Fix SanDisk 128GB Micro SD Card Error?

SanDisk 128GB Micro SD Card Gets Card Errors?

Your SanDisk 128GB Micro SD card gets card errors recently? Which type of Micro SD card errors have you encountered unfortunately? Honestly, there are often at least three common SanDisk memory card errors related to a 128GB Micro SD card of your computer, phone, digital camera or tablet, including Micro SD card not formatted or unformatted errors (which often will gives you error message saying: "the card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now" before any access), Micro SD card RAW file system errors (which often also pop out an unformatted or not formatted error warning and also gives a Micro SD card with RAW format, not the previous NTFS or FAT32, in Disk Management) or damaged Micro SD card errors (which also keeps asking you to format due to SanDisk memory card damages). So, according to your Micro SD card error symptoms, which type of them is more possible for you? Really need to fix this SanDisk 128GB memory card error and also recover lost or inaccessible Micro SD card files back? OK! Go on reading this article to know more.

What Causes Such SanDisk Micro SD Memory Card Errors?

Most SanDisk Micro SD card errors, like the above mentioned memory card not formatted or unformatted errors, blank or unsupported file system memory card errors or corrupted memory card errors, are often caused by virus attacking, logical damages, improper memory card format or reformat, improper memory card extracting, dropping or shocking, PC operating system problems and even computer problems, etc. 
And, here are some major causes found in some real 128GB SanDisk Micro SD card error cases:
*Android mobile phone Micro SD card get virus infected since it is used on a unsafe Windows laptop and needed to be formatted
*Card reader with a Canon camera 128GB Micro SD card inserted was dropped from a high desk and now is detected as RAW file system on my Windows 7 computer.
*Mistakenly formatted tablet Micro SD memory card and stopped it partially. And now, this SanDisk memory card is inaccessible due to not formatted error message
*Remove 128GB Micro SD card out from Windows 10 computer without clicking safely remove hardware icon and now get corrupted
No matter how your SanDisk memory card error goes, save no new file on this Micro SD Card with card error.

How to Fix 128GB Micro SD Card/TF Card Unformatted or RAW Format Errors?

Honestly, no matter which type of SanDisk 128GB Micro SD card or TF card error problems really happens to you, a simple formatting process performed on this Micro SD card is often enough for you to fix these related unformatted errors or RAW format errors. However, since a formatting process also often will erase entire SanDisk memory card, it is also not proper to be done immediately, especially when you do have left much camera or phone data inside this 128GB storage card. Hence, in your cases, the best way to fix such Micro SD card error is to format your 128GB SanDisk flash memory card after you do have checked your memory card data backups well or recover files and photos back from Micro SD card successfully. Moreover, if you do get a RAW format 128GB SD card, also remember to change RAW file system into FAT32 while performing a quick or full format there.

How to Recover Photos from Micro SD Card with Card Errors?

Also seek for Micro SD card error recovery solutions to recover photos from your SanDisk Micro SD card before any format? No worry! In such cases, what you need is only 128GB Micro SD Card error recovery programs which often will help scan your device SanDisk Micro SD card and take all possible pictures, messages, games, videos and files back. And during the data recovering process, you’d better pay much attention to select a fixable data recovery mode and also preview the scanned information carefully to see whether you need to purchase a code for farther data recovery.
Here are some common data recovery steps for your Micro SD card photo recovery:

Step1. Download and install SanDisk memory card data recovery software.

main screen shot
Step2. Select data recovery mode according to 128GB SanDisk memory card error problems.

select card
Step3. Scan and preview the found Micro SD card documents, photos and files.

wait for photo searching
Step4. Save everything retrieved to another memory card or storage device in case of data recovery failures.

restore lost photos

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