Simple Steps to Factory Reset Your Android Phone without Losing Files

Want to Perform Factory Reset on Your Android Mobile Phone?

Samsung android phone seems to take forever to open up a game or application? Blackberry mobile phone with Android OS strangely freezes and restart on its own repeatedly in recent days? Or other branded android phone just get virus infected and could not be cleaned up completely? OK! Maybe, it is time for you to reset your android phone to factory setting to restore its functional use. Really want to have a try, but, do not know what you are supposed to do? Also worry about whether the factory reset would wipe out everything precious left on the phone internal memory and inserted phone SD card, Micro SD card, CF card or the like memory cards? All right! Go read this article to know how to factory reset your Android cell phone safely.

Prepare Android Phone Data Backups in Advance

Generally speaking, in these days, even though people are allowed to choose whether they need to wipe or format the inserted android phone memory card in advance, a factory reset will also wipe everything stored on the phone internal memory, including contacts, messages, images, songs, videos and more files. Needlessly to say, you may also forget to exclude the phone memory card in some cases and clean up entire phone storage card unintentionally, just like formatting phone memory card completely. Hence, in case of losing or deleting phone memory card files, you’d better prepare android phone data backups on other devices well in advance. Just prepare several free storage devices and save copies of everything needed there.  

Simple Steps to Do Factory Reset on Your Phone

And then, when you do have backed up all important android phone data well, you can start to do a factory reset there with simple steps:
Step1. Open your android smart phone and open Basic Setting interface.
Step2. Roll down the setting options to click Privacy.
Step3. Hit Factory reset option to go on.
Step4. Confirm the Factory reset process
Step5. Restart your android phone when it is reset to its factory settings.

Please Note:

*Different mobile phones with different themes may have distinct icon for your phone Basic Setting. Go open it up according to your own situations.
*Before you do confirm the final factory resetting process, you often will be asked whether you need erase or format your SD card. Make a right decision according to your own needs.
*Patiently wait till the factory resetting process is completed. And then, reboot your android phone.

Recover Lost Data from Android Phone after Factory Reset

Just accidentally do a factory reset on your android phone and also erase everything stored in phone SD card? Really need to recover lost data from android phone SD memory card? OK! No matter how and why you reset your mobile phone, the data stored on the phone internal memory may be already permanently deleted, but, the files stored on the phone memory card may not be completely wiped out yet. Stop adding new data on this android phone memory card and go see whether android phone memory card recovery programs can help you recover lost data back successfully. With an effective SD memory card data recovery tool, it is always not difficult to deeply scan your allocated phone card and the retrieve original phone messages, documents, audios, videos and more files back as many as possible.

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