What Does RAM or ROM or External Memory Means on Android Phone

What Android Phone RAM, ROM and Extended Memory Do?

In this age of information and technology, while selecting a new smart phone from an experience store or over the internet, people are often told that their android smart phone memory often consists of three types: the RAM, ROM and external memory. Just take the HTC 10 Android mobile phone as an example. In order to meet the storage needs of different customers, HTC 10 phone has offered people 32GB ROM, 4GB RAM and up to 2TB extended memory. But, you do really correctly understand what these three types of phone memory stand for? If not, also do not worry! Keep on reading this article to know what they means and what they are used for. 

What Does Smart Phone RAM Stand for?

As you have searched, the RAM often stands for Random Access Memory which often allows computer to read and write information much faster than the attached external hard drives. However, when you come to the android phone RAM, it often talks about the phone memory that you can freely download and install programs. Unless you do have uninstalled and deleted these apps out from your cell phone, they will always be saved well there. Moreover, even when you do have not used a installed tool there for a really long time, as long as you do have click it to open it up, this software will be retrieved from your RAM and started there quickly. Overall, it poses a really important role in holding and running your desired android phone games, applications and tools.

What Does Android Phone ROM mean?

As we all know, the ROM often means Read Only Memory which is not able to be changed or overwritten over time once it is written well by the computer users or computer manufacturers. And just because of its read-only property, the computer or android phone ROM memory is often used to load the operating system and the like unchangeable information of your PC or Smart phone. Overall, your android phone ROM helps a lot in keeping your phone OS running perfectly.
Moreover, since the phone Android phone ROM and RAM cannot be extracted out from the mobile phone, in comparison with phone external memory, they are also called as phone internal memory.

What Does Cell Phone External Memory Indicate?

Different from the above mentioned android phone internal memory, the cell phone external or extended memory often means that you can insert a Micro SD card, CF card, SD card or the like memory card to extend the android phone memory. Hence, how much external memory your smart phone will have often also depends on how large memory card you do have plunged into the same mobile phone. Moreover, in these days, different branded mobile phones have different maximum external memory. For instance, the HTC 10 android phone only allows people to add up to 2TB extended memory. And the Samsung Galaxy S7 only allows users to use up to 200GB external memory. Overall, the phone external memory cards are also very important to extend the phone memory.

Save Important Data on Phone Memory Card and Prepare Backups Well

Generally speaking, since everything stored on the internal memory of your Android phone will be lost immediately once you do format android phone or delete android phone data, you are often suggested to store very important data on the phone memory card which often allows you to not only transfer data between different computers and devices, and also prepare phone data backups on other computer hard drives or storage devices well. Even when you do have encountered some accidental phone data loss troubles, like formatted phone memory card photo loss problems, RAW file system SD card data loss troubles and more, you still have data recovery tools to retrieve deleted or lost android phone data back. Hence, go save android phone data backups from now on.

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