Android Phone External SD Card Icon Is Missing in Windows

Android Phone SD or Micro SD Card Icon Is Missing from My Windows Computer  

"Hello! I have used a Transcend SD card on my Samsung android phone and reserved nearly 12GB of phone messages, pictures, audios and files inside this android phone memory card. However, this morning, the phone external SD card just did not show up in My Computer of my Windows 7 notebook. Do you get any idea to fix such missing phone memory card icon issues? What can I do to recover data from not recognized SD card? Thanks for any help!"

"While trying to move some games downloaded over the internet to my HTC Android phone SD card, this phone memory card icon was missing in My Computer. Honestly, except connecting this phone card to my Windows 8 PC with a card reader, I did nothing else. Why my phone memory card icon was just gone? How can fix this? Thank you very much!"

"Android phone 64GB Micro SD card cannot be read on my Samsung laptop while I was trying to upload my phone videos to this computer. I just found no icon related to this phone memory card was displayed in My Computer interface as usual. Please help me resolve phone SD card problems and rescue lost phone data. Thank you in advance!"

Hello, friends! Your android phone Micro SD card or SD memory card may not completely corrupted or failed, though this phone memory card cannot be read on computer. Hence, before the situation goes worse, go simple steps below to check whether your missing phone memory card icon problem could be fixed or not.

How to Fix Missing Android Phone SD Memory Card Icon Problem on Windows PC

When you cannot access or use your android phone SD memory card since the connected cell phone storage card is even not shown in My Computer of your Windows PC, do not rush to conclude that your phone memory card is corrupted and irrecoverable. Honestly, with some right steps to check this not showing memory card, you may also be able to resolve this problem and restore its functional use. Go follow the below steps carefully:

Step1. Reinsert your cell phone external memory card

Generally, since such phone SD memory card not recognized issues are also be caused by faulty connection, go remove this cell phone external memory card and re-connect it to the same computer to see whether it could be listed well in My Computer as before.

Step2. Reconnect your android phone memory card with other USB ports or USB card readers.

And, you can also go try the same android phone SD card with different USB ports, different USB card readers to take chances. With a damaged USB port or card reader, your computer also cannot detect it properly as you wish.

Step3. Restart your Windows PC

In daily use, such not recognized phone external memory card issues also can happen to people since the Windows PC get some problems, like corrupted/crashing PC OS, crashing computer and the like. Go restart this Windows laptop or desktop to take chances. Of course, if possible, also go try another computer.

Step4. Check how it shows in Disk Management

And then, now, if you are sure this missing memory card problems are not aroused by connection issues or computer issues, you can go open your Disk Management window and see how this SD memory card shows there. Is it displayed as RAW file system, not initialized or has no any drive letter?

Step5. Format SD card or assign a new letter for your phone memory card

And now, when your memory card is shown as RAW format or not initialized there, go format this memory card to fix its possible problems. But, if you do only find that your memory card is listed there, but, get no drive letter there as other partition listed, you can go right click this phone SD card to assign a new letter to restore its common use.

Step6. Purchase another new phone SD, Micro SD or CF card instead.

You do have tried all these steps mentioned above and Micro SD, SD card or CF card is till not able to be read well there. May it is already corrupted anyhow, go try another memory card or directly purchase another new one for your android phone.
Please Note: Back up all important android phone memory card data on several storage devices well all the time.

Recover Photos from Not Recognized Android Phone SD Card

When you do have no time to make android phone SD card file backups and also find this memory card could not be read on your PC, when you do have formatted this phone SD memory card with unsupported file system or not formatted errors, or when you do have formatted your not recognized phone memory card to fix its problems, do not rush to add new data on the same Micro SD or SD card to avoid losing more data permanently and go try phone memory card file recovery software to rescue lost messages, videos, audios, images and more files back.

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