Samsung Note 4 Android Cell Phone Screen Freezes

Samsung Note 4 Android Cell Phone Keeps Freezing Recently

"Hello! Recently, my Samsung note 4 android cell phone becomes really strange and always freezes while I was using it. After rebooting this android phone to use, I will also encounter the same screen freezing issues several hours latter. From yesterday, this Samsung smart phone has frozen and been rebooted nearly 4 times. Do you have any solution to fix my Samsung note 4 which keeps freezing recently? Thank you for any help here!"

Hello, friends! What you have done to fix the phone screen freezing problems? Have you done an android phone factory reset there? Honestly, when the android phone screen freezes frequently, there are often many reasons behind and the solutions are also supposed to be chosen carefully. So, go read this article to know what you can do now to fix such Samsung note phone problems.

Why Samsung Android Phone Freezes?

Generally, there are a couple of possible reasons behind such Samsung android phone screen freezing problems.
Want to know what they are? OK! Go check these:

1). Samsung phone gets a bad application or program.
In some cases, some bad applications or programs also are able to bring you android phone screen freezing issues when they are conflicted with each other, virus-infected or incompatible on your mobile phone. For example, when some similar phone tools conflict with each other, it can not only let your phone freeze and even slow down your phone extremely. And when your Samsung phone is virus infected, except the related freezing phone issues, it also is able to cause many worse problems, like phone Micro SD card filled with shortcuts, deleted phone memory card file loss troubles and far more. Of course, when the downloaded and installed game or program is compatible with your android phone, such problems also come to you.

2). Free Samsung phone memory is very low.
Have you checked how much free space your Samsung phone has let? Honestly, when your Samsung Note 4 phone gets no enough free space, your phone is also able to freeze from time to time.

3). Samsung phone gets a corrupted external SD card.
Have you inserted an external SD card into your Samsung android phone for data storing? How does it show on your android phone when you did use it there last time? Have you got any strange error message or warning, such as "phone memory card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now"? If so, your phone problems could be caused by damaged phone SD card.
Overall, carefully check your phone components and go see whether there are other reasons, like too heated mobile phone, corrupted phone OS problems, improper phone OS update and more.

How to Fix Android Phone Screen Freezing Problem Easily?

No matter which one of the above mentioned reasons is right for you, go see the main solutions below to fix your Samsung android phone issues:

1). Remove all bad programs.
You do have found some conflicted programs, virus infected games or incompatible tools and the likes? If so, go remove all bad programs, games and tools. What you are supposed to do is to uninstall them all and also erase all related files and folders completely.

2). Free up more phone memory.
If you are sure that your phone problems are aroused by too low free memory, go delete phone trash data, uninstall unwanted programs, erase useless contacts, messages and files, and free up more memory.

3). Change another phone memory card
If your used Samsung phone Micro SD card really get corrupted somehow and cannot be used on any phone or computer, go seek and purchase another good one over the internet or from a physical store.

4). Factory reset your android Samsung note phone
Of course, as long as your Samsung phone is not physically damaged, the factory reset also could be a good way for you to fix your problems. Go perform a factory reset like this: Setting => Privacy => Factory Reset.

Please Note: Prepare phone data backups before any delete, format or factory reset.
But, if you still cannot resolve your Samsung mobile phone problems, go contact the Samsung support and see what they will suggest you to do.

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