How to Encrypt 64GB Micro SD Card on Your Android Phone

Need to Encrypt 64GB SanDisk Micro SD Card of My Android Phone

"Hello, experts there! I am using a 64GB SanDisk Micro SD Card on my Samsung Note Android phone. And recently, I do have moved several business documents and videos on this android phone SD card and wonder whether I can encrypt this phone memory card to avoid any unauthorized access. Honestly, my girl friend and sons often uses my phone from time to time and I am realty afraid that they would accidentally delete 64GB Micro SD card files or format this phone SD card to erase the reserved important information. Do you know how to encrypt Micro SD card on my Android phone? Is there any related memory card software helpful for me? Any help will be highly appreciated here! Thanks!"

Hello, friends! In these days, many Android phones are designed with a phone device encryption function which allows people to add password protection to their desired phone memory card with simple clicks. Hence, merely boot up your Samsung note smart phone and go enable the encryption function.

Simple Steps to Encrypt Android Phone Micro SD Memory Card

Memory card encryption function of the android phone helps people avoid many unexpected SD or Micro SD memory card data loss or data leaking problems. So, it is not bad for you to apply your android phone memory card encryption function.

And here are simple steps for you:

Step1. Start your Samsung note cell phone and open Setting section.
Step2. Find Security option out from the showing option list.
Step3. Click Encrypt external SD card function on the list to go on.
Step4. Choose a meaningful password to protect your inserted SanDisk Micro SD card.
Step5. Apply all settings and restart your smart phone to have a check.

Please Note:

*After opening the Security interface, you will find two similar options related to encryption function: Encrypt device and Encrypt external SD card. Unless you do also need password protect your Samsung phone, you’d better select the latter one only.
*Back up all important Android phone Micro SD card contents to another storage device well before starting the encrypting process.
*Since you will be asked to enter your password every time when you do have to access or use this encrypted phone memory card in the future, you’d better select a password that you can recall easily and quickly.
*Since you do have encrypted your Samsung phone SD card, unless you do have disabled this function, even when you do have performed a factory reset there, your left phone data will not be changed or erased.

Apply SD Card Encryption Software

Of course, in daily use, if your android phone is not around and you also want to add password protection to your phone SD memory card, also go connect it to your computer with a card reader or adaptor and download SD card encryption software to go on. With an effective memory card encryption tool used on your PC, you always can encrypt or decrypt your allocated storage card with simple clicks. Hence, go seek one over the internet for your Samsung Note android phone Micro SD card.

Please Note: No matter how urgent it is for you, always choose one after you do have take all possible elements into considerations. 

Enable Write Protection Function of Your Android Phone Memory Card

In fact, in your case, except encrypting your Samsung phone 64GB Micro SD card, you also do have another choice to go on. In fact, in case that your stored very important business files and videos are changed or removed unexpectedly, you can easily write protect this phone SD card to take chances. Why? Once this SanDisk 64GB Micro SD card is write protected, no one is able to do any change to the inner saving information, like copying, deleting, formatting or cutting, etc. If that is exactly what you want, merely go extract this 64GB SD card out from your phone after shutting it down safely and find to write protection switch. Slide it to open or close this function there. This seems to be much easier, right? 

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