BlackBerry PRIV Android Phone Will Not Charge

Blackberry Cell Phone Will Not Charge Properly?

"Hello! I do have a problem with my Blackberry PRIV android phone. Please help me! Honestly, in recent days, when my Blackberry phone is in low battery, I would plug it into the original charger and the red light of the phone changer is on and just as bright as usual. However, no matter how long this android phone has been charged, it seems that no any power has been transferred to the phone battery. Do you have any idea to fix Blackberry PRIV phone that will not charge? Thanks for any help!"

Hello, friends! Such android phone not charging problems occur to people due to several reasons, including faulty USB port, corrupted Blackberry phone charger or damaged battery, etc. You’d better go find the causes behind and recharge your android phone successfully.

Why My Blackberry Android Phone Dose Not Charge Properly?

Generally speaking, the Blackberry cell phone or other branded mobile phones, like Samsung android phone, Microsoft Windows smart phone and HTC mobile phone, etc, often will not charge fully due to several reasons as below:

1). Damaged phone battery.
In daily use, once when people encounter similar mobile phone charging problems, they do firstly check the phone battery and go see whether it is caused by loose or warn battery. And this clue is really right. When your phone is not charging properly, it also could be caused by damaged phone battery that needs to be replaced. Hence, go check your phone battery to take chances.

2). Broken cell phone charger.
Honestly, in your case, your phone problems are also able to be aroused by broken phone charger. Honestly, any cell phone charger, even the original one, will do corrupt or broken due to your long time use, frequent dropping or other damages. Hence, maybe it is time for you to purchase a new charger.

3). Faulty USB port or cable
Have you check the USB ports and USB cable of your blackberry PRIV phone and the used charger? In fact, such phone not charging issues are also able to be caused by faulty USB port or the used USB cable.
Overall, no matter why your Blackberry android phone will not charge fully, go check these three main causes and go see what you can do with them.

How to Fix Cell Phone Not Charging Problems?

Here is what you can do to fix such phone not charging problems:

1). Go check your phone battery.

If you do think your blackberry phone issues are caused by the inner battery, go plug another battery to the same Android cell phone to see whether it could be charged smoothly. If it does work well there, go change another battery for future use. But, if not, also do not rush to discard this battery and go check more components to find the right cause.

2). Go check or purchase phone charger.

If you phone also cannot be charged to its full potential even when you do have used another food battery there, you’d go check whether it is the problem of your applied phone charger. Go plunge this phone with its USB cable directly to your computer and go see whether it could be successfully charged well there. If it is able to be charged there, go buy another new charger.

3). Go check phone USB cable or USB port.

If both of the two methods mentioned above do not fix the phone not charging issues, go try it on another USB cable or USB port to your PC to see whether it is caused by faulty connection.
All in all, hope you can find the reasons behind rightly and charge your phone successfully at last.

Also Please Remember Tips Well:

1). Remember to turn off your Blackberry phone whenever you need to extract phone battery.
When you do have tried to check your phone battery, you’d better always shut down your android phone to avoid some phone data loss troubles, like corrupted phone memory card issues, Blackberry phone memory card not formatted error issues, android phone memory card RAW file system error issues and more. Always be careful and patient.

2). Back up phone SD memory card data well.
In case that you will accidentally corrupt phone with sudden battery removing, sudden formatting or the like, always go save all phone pictures, songs, videos, massages and files on its SD memory card to other backup storage devices well.

3). Perform antivirus scan to remove all possible threats before using your Blackberry phone on your PC.
In case that any mute virus or threat would infect your computer and cause worse problems, you’d better go scan your phone with install antivirus software there in advance.

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