How to Encrypt Samsung Galaxy S Android Phone

Why to Encrypt Your Samsung Galaxy S Android Phone?

As one of the most popular smart phones, except being used as a communication tool, Samsung Galaxy S android mobile phone also widely used a removable storage device which has hold many wonderful pictures, videos, messages, mails, contacts, songs and many files in daily use. Some of these reserved phone files are general, but, some of them are really sensitive and cannot be leaked. So, you are wondering whether it is proper for you to encrypt your Samsung android phone?
OK! No worry! In these days, people are determined to enable their phone encryption function due to many causes as below:

1). Phone data could not be accessed by unwanted persons.
Many people write a diary, save personal pictures, record sensitive videos or store the like information on their Samsung Galaxy phone and do not want these files to be accessed or used by any person without permission. And, the phone encryption function could help a lot.

2). Protect sensitive android phone data.
In these days, there are also many evil people who will copy or transfer the sensitive data without the phone owner’s permission and upload the all data to social sites. So, do encrypt your phone to protect your data from leaking.

3). Avoid Android phone data loss troubles caused by unintentional phone SD card format, factory reset or the likes.

Overall, no matter why you do want to add encryption to your Samsung Smart phone, go follow the below guidance.

How to Enable Phone Encryption Function of Your Samsung Android Phone?

If you are sure that you do have to enable the android phone encryption function for data protection, you can go follow simple steps to go on:
Step1. Fully charge your Samsung phone and open it up.
Step2. Click Setting icon on your main phone screen.
Step3. Roll down all the listed options and highlight Security there.
Step4. Hit Encrypt Device option there and follow its guide to set your password there.
Step5. Restart your android phone to see whether it will ask you to enter your password to use it.

Tips and Notes:

1). Keep your androids phone fully charged in advance.

Generally, the phone encrypting process takes a really long time. And in case that your phone would suddenly shut down due to low battery problems and cause phone data loss troubles, like corrupted phone memory card photo loss troubles, unformatted phone SD memory card data loss troubles and more. You’d better always fully charge your phone well or plugged in during the encrypting process.

2). Back up Samsung Galaxy S phone data well.

In case of any unwanted phone data loss troubles, also firstly extract everything important and save backups well on two or more storage devices well in advance.

3). Choose a meaningful or unforgettable password.

In order not to forget the phone password easily, hope you can pay much attention to select a meaningful one. Also remember to record it on your notebook or else safe place so that you can check it soon once you cannot recall it.

4). Encrypt your phone SD memory card or not.

When you choose to encrypt your android phone, sometimes, some phone will also continuously ask whether you want to encrypt your inserted SD memory card or not. With phone memory card data backups elsewhere, you can also click yes to add password protection there. But, without data backups prepared in advance, remember to exclude the memory card out from the encryption device list. Of course, if you unintentionally password protected your phone SD or Micro SD card, also merely disable the encryption function latter.

Android Phone Encryption Software

In these days, not all smart mobile phone are designed with a password protection function. Needless to say, the encryption function of your android phone may also fail sometime. When you are really stuck in such cases, also do not panic! You still able to encrypt your Samsung cell phone or other branded android phone with android phone encryption software which allows people to add password protection to their phone with several simple steps.

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