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"Hello! My Samsung Note 2 started to run really slowly after it was used for over one year. Do you have any suggestion to help me speed up this android smart phone? Do I have to do something with inner used 32GB Micro SD card? Thanks for any help!"

"In recent days, my HTC android phone is lagging all the time. I have tried to restart it every time when it is running very, very slow. But, that is useless. What am I supposed to do now for improving this phone performance? Any suggestion will be highly appreciated here. Thanks!"

"Android LG mobile phone was running extremely slowly after I had transferred about 5GB of information from my computer D partition to the used SD card. Do I have to copy them all back to my computer? How can I remove such slow phone performance issues? Thanks!"

Hello, friends! No worry! Like computers, android cell phone also slows down over the time, especially when you do frequently transfer or delete data, install or remove programs, and surf the internet with your mobile phone. However, with right steps, you also possible to speed up your phone and restore its performance.

How to Speed up Android Smart Phone?

Generally, android smart phone performance often could be negatively affected by many reasons, including too much cache, trash files, too low free space, nearly full phone Micro SD card and more. Go follow the below steps to speed up your phone:

1). Delete programs and games that you do not use any longer
Too many unnecessary programs and games installed on your android phone can not only occupy the phone memory and also slow down your phone when they are running in the background all the time. Hence, the first thing you are supposed to do now is to delete and remove all programs and games that you do not use any longer.
Please Note: Also close all unneeded programs which are running in the background and cannot be removed from phone.

2). Free up mobile phone space.
Even though many smart phones are designed with internal memory, like the RAM and ROM, they all are limited in capacity and are not able to be used forever. Hence, before the internal memory is filled with phone contacts, OS files and folders and more the like files and slow your phone performance, go free up mobile phone space by deleting files there.

Please Note: Only delete the files that are 100% useless and also double check them well one by one before delete.

3). Clean android phone temporary or trash files.  
Also remember to clean all useless temporary files, trash files, caches and more to offer more resources for your android phone to cope with different orders and progresses.

4). Check android phone external SD card.
A damaged or full android phone SD card also could make your phone running very slowly. Hence, also go check your external memory card carefully. When it is really filled with files and folders, you’d better go move some of them to another storage device and keep this phone memory card with enough free space. When this phone memory card is damaged, go fix this corrupted memory card or change another new one.

5). Factory reset your phone.
Of course, if your phone has been used for really long time and you do have many things to do for improving its performance, with phone data backups stored elsewhere, you can merely go factory reset your cell phone to have a try. 
To sum up, always remove all useless phone data and keep you phone memory card with enough free space.

Save Android Phone Memory Card File Backups

No matter how many methods you will choose to use for speeding up your android phone, hope you can always save very important phone memory card files, including the phone messages, photos, films, music, games and programs, etc, on other storage devices well in advance. Only in this way, you can freely delete files, format your phone SD card or factory reset your android phone latter to improve the phone performance.

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