Memory Card Reader Not Working on Windows 7 Computer

SD/SDHC/SDXC/Micro SD/CF card Reader Is Not Detected by Windows 7 PC

Hello, friends! SanDisk memory card reader with a 16GB Kingston CF card inserted could not be detected after you have upgraded the Windows XP to Windows 7 OS of your desktop? Transcend SD memory card reader could not be recognized on your Windows computer after a rude removing? Or Samsung Micro SD card reader just stops working on your Windows laptop without any warning? OK! No panic! No matter why you get such SD/SDHC/SDXC/Micro SD/CF card reader not working problems, you do get solutions to resolve them all completely and smoothly. Keep on reading this article to learn more details:

Why Your SD Memory Card Reader Does Not Work on Your Computer?

Want to know the exact reasons behind your SD memory card reader not detected problems? Go check the following most common ones and see which one of them is practical for your case: 

1). Card reader is locked, write protected or password protected.

In these days, like SD cards, Micro SD cards or CF memory cards, the card reader or adapter is also designed with write protection or password protection function in case that the files stored on a memory card could not be easily and smoothly accessed by unexpected persons. In other words, when your memory card reader is locked, your computer often cannot access or read anything inside.

2). Card reader is damaged or corrupted.

When a Windows computer cannot show an inserted SD card reader, it is really possible that the used card reader is already damaged or corrupted, especially when this card reader get a damaged USB connection, physical damages and the likes. Go check it soon.

3). Card reader driver is corrupted or outdated.

In order to read a card reader smoothly on a computer, except a good memory card reader, you do also need an effective card reader installed well on your Windows PC. Hence, such card reader not recognized problems are also able to be caused by corrupted or outdated card reader drivers.
Hence, before you do rush to discard this SD memory card, go check this card carefully and find out the right reasons behind.

How to Fix Memory Card Reader Not Recognized Problems?

Based on the general reasons listed above, you also get solutions to fix such memory card reader not detected problems. Go follow the blow ones carefully:

1). Unlock camera/tablet/cell phone SD card or Micro SD card reader.

If you are clear that you do have ever locked your camera/tablet/phone SD card or Micro SD card reader, merely go unlock it. Just take out your phone memory card or camera memory card reader and find the small switch which often lies on one side of your SD card reader device.

Please Note: You’d better remove this card reader out from your computer with safely remove hardware tool before you unlock it in case of losing any memory card file.

2). Run memory card reader diagnostic tools to test and check it.

And then, if you also cannot use your memory card reader after remove its write protection or password protection functions, go check this memory card reader with card reader diagnostic tools to see whether it is corrupted or not on any account. With memory card reader diagnostic software used, you often can easily test and check it quickly. If this card reader really gets some physical damages and cannot be used on any computer or machine, you may go purchase another one for future use.

3). Reinstall or update your memory card reader drivers of your Windows 7 computer.

If you make sure that your card reader is really in good state after trying some diagnostic programs, you may go check your computer card reader driver. When did you update the card reader driver last time? If it is really outdated or corrupted anyway, go download and install the latest version for latter use.

4). Contact card reader company to have a try.

Of course, if you do find all these methods cannot help you out, your card reader problems seem to be really complicate. If it is still in warranty, go contact the card reader company to see whether they can do something to fix the problems.
All in all, always act carefully and select the possible solutions based on your own conditions.

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