How to Partition SD Card of Your Samsung Android Phone

Why to Create Partition on SD Card of Your Samsung Android Phone?
In these days, with multiple partitions divided on a computer internal or external hard drive, people often can always manage their computer files and folders perfectly and also access them all quickly and easily. Hence, after experiencing the convenience brought by computer hard drive partitions, when using a SD card or Micro SD card on a Samsung Android phone, many people are also naturally thinking whether it is possible to create partitions on this android phone memory card.
Why? The partitioned Android phone SD card may also be able to let users have dedicated partitions to store desired apps, games, pictures, messages and files separately, create special space for phone recovery image and even allow people to access or use the phone information more easily and effectively as before, right? OK! If you are also one of these people, you absolutely come to the right place. It is definitely possible for people to partition phone memory card and manage their Samsung Galaxy/note mobile phone data well. And the phone SD card partitioning process is really simple. So, go read this article and follow its steps carefully:

How to Partition SD Memory Card on Your Android Phone?
Generally, like computer hard drive, in order to partition Samsung android phone SD card or Micro SD memory card, you are also suggested to seek and download Storage device partitioning software which is designed to help people create, copy, delete, remove, format, wipe or manage partitions with simple steps. And, differently, since you are going to create partitions on your android phone memory card, not PC hard disk partitions, you’d better select one that is compatible with cell phone storage card over the internet. Overall, no matter which one you have chosen and applied finally, you’d better make your decision according to your own conditions.
And, here are some common steps for people to partition an Android phone SD memory card:  
Step1. Plunge this phone SD card to your computer with your Samsung smart phone or a card reader.
Step2. Download and install the device partitioning software.
Step3. Follow its guidance to partition your phone memory card step by step.
Step4. Apply the all changes.

Please Note:
*Always back up all Samsung android phone SD card data on different drives or devices well in advance.
*Different partitioning software would have steps to create a partition there. Just follow its guidance carefully.
*If the software needs to be paid for complete use, go try its free or trial version to see whether it is worth trying at first.

What You Should Keep in Mind before Phone Memory Card Partitioning Process?
In case of some unexpected problems, you are also supposed to remember some tips well before you really start to partition your phone memory card:
1). Prepare or double check Samsung Android phone memory card data backups.
Generally speaking, while you are starting to partition your selected phone SD memory card, this partitioning software will also begin to format phone SD card for creating a clear partition for future use. Hence, in case that your phone memory card photos , videos and files are lost due to latter format or reformat, you’d better prepare Samsung phone data backups well. If you do have made data backups well elsewhere, also go update or double check them all well.
2). Select a proper partitioning program according to your own situations.
There are also many related partitioning programs out there. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. Some of them are used on computer hard drives. Some of them are especially produced for phone memory cards. You’d better choose a fixable one for your case according to your own needs.


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