How to Fix Samsung S3 Android Phone Battery Draining Too Fast Problem

Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Phone Uses Battery Too Quickly

"Hello! In this week, my Samsung Galaxy S3 android phone uses its battery too quickly. Every time when I do have charged this android phone fully all night, it will only take about four or five hours only to reduce the battery power from 100% to 25%. Actually, if I do have used this Samsung phone to play a game or the likes, the battery power left could be much lower. Do you know why my Samsung Galaxy cell phone battery drains so fast? How can I change this? Thanks for any advice here!"

Hello, friends! In these days, many popular android smart phones, like the popular HTC cell phone, LG mobile phone and more, drain their inserted battery quickly, especially when you do have opened too many games or applications, viewing videos or photos, listening to music and even editing documents at the same time. But, that doesn’t mean, as a smart phone user, you do have to endure that unconditionally and charge your phone one, two or even more times every day. Instead, as long as you do have set your phone well and use your phone under the guide of some power saving tips, you are really possible to extremely prolong your android phone battery life. So, just keep on reading this article to know more: 

Why My Samsung Android Phone Battery Drains Too Fast?

Generally, people often find their Samsung android phone battery drains too fast due to several reasons as below:
1). Have not charged android phone to 100%.
Have not charged your android phone completely every time when you are stuck in phone low power issues? If so, it could be really possible for you to have a too short battery life.
2). High Usage.
You do have used many programs, files and functions at the same time? That could reduce your phone power very quickly.
3). Android phone battery issues.
Of course, such problems also happen to android phone users when these phone batteries get problems.
Overall, no matter why your cell phone battery drains too quickly, go manage your phone resources reasonably.

How to Fix Android Phone Battery Draining Too Fast Problem?

Here are several suggestions for you to fix such android phone battery draining too fast issues:

1). Charge your android phone completely whenever it is in low power.
No matter how urgent your situation is, always charge your Samsung android phone completely whenever it is in low power.
Please Note: If you need to extract the phone battery out for charging, you are also supposed to shut down this android phone safely to avoid damaging android phone memory card and cause worse phone SD card or Micro SD card data loss troubles.

2). Reduce Samsung Galaxy phone usage
And, what you are supposed to do is only to reduce the Samsung Galaxy cell phone usage to prolong your phone battery life:
*Use your phone in Power Saving Mode
In order to maximize phone battery life, people are often suggested to set their phones in Power Saving Mode. Hence, also open your phone Setting option to select Power and choose Power Saving Mode there.
Please Note: As with different android phones, the ways to set the phone Power Saving mode may vary. Go set it based on your own phone system conditions.
*Turn off wi-fi, Bluetooth, 3G, location services and the like functions when you do not use them.
Open too many unused tools or functions also water phone power. So, go turn off wi-fi, Bluetooth, 3G, location services and more functions when you do not use them.
*Set your android phone screen to save power.
Just adjust the screen brightness and automatic screen timeout based on your needs.
*Disable notification of your phones and installed programs.
Of course, in daily use, to waste no any extra battery power, also disable some automatic notifications of your Samsung phones and installed programs. 
Of course, there are also more things that you can do to save your phone power. Just explore it according to your own experiences.

3). Manage your android phone apps and games well
And up to now, you can try to mange your android phone applications, games and tools well to save your phone battery power.
Firstly, close all unused ones, even some running on the background
The unused games, programs and progresses running on the background also use your phone battery power mutely. Go close them all timely.
*Uninstall or delete unnecessary ones
Also delete or uninstall some unnecessary ones.
Please Note: In case that you will delete phone memory card files accidentally while removing some applications or tools, go back up all important android phone data in advance.

4). Update your Android phone operating system timely
In these days, the operating system of your android phone is also improved for users to save battery power. So, update your phone OS timely.

5). Use a high-qualified battery
If such problems are aroused by damaged or failed phone battery, remember to change a high-qualified battery for future use.
All in all, go prolong your Samsung Android phone battery life smoothly.

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