What to Do When LG Android Phone Will Not Boot Up

Android Phone Freezes or Crash on Startup Screen

"Hello. My LG G5 Android phone always stuck in its boot screen and could not be used in recent days. But, I still wonder to use this android phone to fish some tasks. Do you have any idea to fix this phone not booting up issue? Thanks!"

"I am using a LG Optimus S smart phone and also do a system recovery there due to some reasons. However, recently, it just always freezes on its LG logo screen and will not boot up. Though I do have extract the inner used 32GB Micro SD card, I still need to know solution to fix my LG phone. Please help me!"

"I just cannot boot up my LG Android phone and wonder whether you guys get any effective solution to help me repair my android phone and also recover photos from not formatted phone SD card. Any help would be appreciated here! Thanks"

Hello, friends! Have you tried to reboot your LG android phone after removing the phone battery? If you also unfortunately get the same android phone not booting up issues after disconnecting the battery, you may go try other methods to take chances. And luckily, here are two methods introduced to help you out. Just go on reading:

What You Can Do When LG Android Phone Will Not Boot Up
No matter whether your android phone is stuck in its startup screen or freezes on its logo screen, your LG phone may only get some operating system issues or the like problems and will not boot up smoothly as before. But, no panic! There are also methods for you to fix the android phone and restore its functional use:
Method1. Boot Your LG Phone into Safe Mode
Generally speaking, when comes to computer booting issues, people are often suggested to start up their computers into safe mode and see whether they could start up successfully latter. With the same clues, when your android phone is also not able to boot up as usual, you can also go try to boot it into safe mode to take chances.
And here are simple steps for you to start up your phone into safe mode:
Step1. Long press the power button of your LG cell phone till a pop up appears.
Step2. Long press the Power Off option till the Safe mode warning message pops out.
Step3. Click OK option to boot your phone into safe mode.
Please Note: 
As you are told by that pop-out safe mode warning message, the safe mode will start up your phone without any third-party software. In other words, only the native tools, operating system and applications will be left there. So, if you do not want to download your needed tools or the like apps again, you may skip to the second way to take chances.
Method2. Factory Reset Your Android Phone
If your phone also cannot boot up into safe boot or you do not want to try the safe mode, you can go try to factory reset your android phone. What you are supposed to do is only find Privacy option in Setting menu and directly click Factory Reset option to go the entire process. However, since the factory reset will erase everything you added to your phone after your purchasing, including phone contacts, messages, apps, phone memory card videos, photos and other files, etc, and restore your phone to its factory setting. It is also not able to be performed easily.
Please Note:   
If you do not want to delete android phone data, always back up all very important messages, contacts, images, documents and files to other storage devices well in advance.

Of course, if you really do not want to remove all third party apps with the safe mode or erase data with factory reset, you may go contact some phone repairing workshops for help. The more professional your chosen shops are, the more possibly you boot up your phone successfully with the least sacrifices.

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