Fix Samsung S Android Phone after Being Dropped into Water Accidentally

Dropped Samsung S Android Phone into Water by Accident

"Hello! Yesterday, while washing my face in the bathroom and listening to music with my Samsung S4 Android mobile phone, this android cell phone slithered into the water. Though I did have picked it up as soon as possible, it was still very wet and much water was dripping. Since I was really afraid that my phone and inner used Samsung Micro SD card or SIM card would be corrupted seriously, I just put it aside and searched the related water damaged cell phone problem over the internet. This forum is my first try. What should I do now to fix Samsung android phone after dropping it into water by mistake? Thanks for any help here!"

Hello, friends! It would be best for you not to use this Android phone any longer unless you do have removed such water damaged phone problems. Just as you do have done before, leave this Samsung S phone alone.

What You Should Pay Attention before Any Fix?

Honestly, no matter whether you are using a Android cell phone or Windows mobile phone right now, after you do have fallen, dropped or slithered it into water by accident, it is really necessary for you to remember a very important tip: stop using this mobile phone to cause real or worse damages to your phone, inner used phone memory card, SIM card or battery, etc. For example, do not turn this android phone on to avoid burning it unexpectedly. Do not press any button of your phone. Of course, if your phone is still opening when it is fallen into water sink or tank, also shut it down as soon as possible to bring you the secondary damages.
Overall, just power off this mobile phone and stop using it to avoid father damages once it is dropped into water.

How to Fix Water Damaged Samsung Android Phone?

When your Samsung Galaxy S cell phone has been dropped into water anyhow, though you are supposed not to do anything father to the same android phone for avoiding worse corruptions, you also do have something that you can do to fix such water damaged mobile phone problems as below:
1). Shut down your Samsung phone when it is still on.
After a sudden dropping, the water inside your Samsung phone could bring you worse phone short-circuiting and burn your phone components inside soon when this phone is still on. Hence, once your phone fell into water, take your android phone out from the water sink and turn it off as possible as you can.
2).Remove the phone components, like the inner battery, SD memory card, SIM card and more.
In case that your phone components inside would be damaged by the water, you’d better also remove your phone battery, phone SD memory card, SIM card and more out from your smart phone as soon as possible. 
Please Note: Always extract these devices out from your Samsung phone after this phone has been shut down.
3). Dry your Samsung phone.
In order not to corrupt your phone and the related phone components, you are supposed not to use your phone before they all are completely dry. Hence, right now, you are supposed to dry this Samsung android phone with your cloth, towel, or the like products.
4).Keep this android phone unused for hours.
Of course, if you are afraid that the used materials or tools cannot clean up all the water left on your phone, you can go leave this phone alone for hours. Overtime, the water inside your phone would naturally evaporate, right? And then, go open your phone to check whether it is still workable.

Recover Samsung Phone SD Card or Micro SD Memory Card Files

When your Samsung android phone has been completely dried, you can go start up this cell phone and go check its components to see whether they all are in good state. How about your phone SD card or Micro SD card works? Is this SD memory card not formatted and needs to be formatted before any use? Does it get RAW format error or the like problems? Do you have a data backup stored on other drives or locations? If not, go apply phone memory card file recovery software to take your phone messages, videos, photos, songs and files back. Hope all your related phone components are not damaged by water yet.

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