How to Fix Force Close App Issues on Samsung Galaxy Android Phone

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"Hello, everyone there! In the past week, my Samsung Galaxy S4 android phone just kept force closing every app that I tried to use. Honestly, I did have not downloaded any unsafe files or programs on this phone recently. So, it could not be caused by viruses or the like issues. Do you get any idea to fix such Samsung android phone force lose issues? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!"

Hello, friends! It sounds like it is the time for you to restart your Samsung Galaxy phone and manage your phone apps well. Honestly, in such cases, no matter what happens, always go soft reset your android phone and see what you can do to fix the related issues. And, also no worry! Here are simple solutions for you to go on:

Why Your Samsung Phone Gets Such Force Close App issues?

Generally, such android phone force close app problems are often able to be caused by app problems, like incompatible apps, unsafe or damaged apps and more. Of course, if you are sure that you do have no any problem with your installed programs, your Samsung phone issues could be the root of these problems, including android phone out of space issues, phone operating system issues and more. And no matter what yours is, go try several methods mentioned below.

How to Fix Samsung Android Phone Force Close Problems?

In daily use, people are really possible to be asked to force close their opened programs when they do urgently need an app to do something with their Android smart phone. And it even could be far more torturing when they do have tried it over and over again, but, got the same force close app issues. However, if you also are stuck in such problems, do not panic! Here are still practical solutions for you to fix such android phone force lose problems:
1). Soft reset your Samsung android phone
Generally, no matter what type Samsung android phone problems you do have encountered, before you really take some unfamiliar solutions to fix everything, you can go try to merely soft reset or restart your Samsung Galaxy phone to resolve such phone app issues. Just turn off your android phone, wait several seconds and then, reopen it to take chances.
2). Clear the original apps completely and uninstall them again 
When the used android phone programs are corrupted or damaged during the downloading or using processes, you will also be able to receive the related force close app warning messages. Hence, if you do think your original apps may be already damaged somehow, go clear the original information completely off from your Samsung phone, download a new version and uninstall them all well on your phone again.
Please Notice: Always download everything from the authorized and safe sites or locations. Of course, also install and launch the needed programs when they are completely downloaded to your phone memory, like phone internal memory or phone memory card.
3). Download and install another compatible one
After downloading a very interesting or useful app to your android phone, you just find this software cannot be applied there since it is incompatible with your phone android operating system? Or just find the app needs to be used with a front-facing camera, but your android phone is designed with no such component? No worry! Go download and install another compatible one for your Samsung phone. This time, before downloading, just check the app instructions carefully.
4). Spare more phone resources to apply that app
When your android phone gets out of space issues, you may also encounter such force close program problems since your phone have no enough space to run these apps at once. Hence, the next thing you are supposed to do is only to space far more android phone free space. For example, move very important phone data to backup drives or devices from your android phone Micro SD card or SD memory card. Delete android phone files and folders that will not be used any longer. Or merely remove all unwanted apps, games and the likes.
5). Check whether there are some phone operating system problems.
In case that such Samsung phone force close problems are aroused by operating system issues, you may go check your phone android operating system and see whether there are some problems. Of course, if necessary, also update it timely.
Overall, no matter which way is more practical for you, hope you can act carefully after you do have made phone file data backups well on other drives or devices. And then, if all these ways also cannot help you out. Go take this Samsung android cell phone to some local phone checking and repairing shops or agencies for help.

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