LG Android Phone Will Not Download Apps

Apps Cannot Be Downloaded as Usual on LG Android Cell Phone

"Hello! My LG G5 android cell phone suddenly cannot download apps from the android market. Every time I try to download something new there, it would say: 'download was unsuccessful'. Honestly, I do have tried to re-download the desired games and tools over and over again with this android phone, but, the results just are never changed yet. What can I do now to fix such cell phone not downloading apps issues? Please help me!"

Hello, friends! You do make sure that you have connected the internet correctly before you start to download the selected apps with your LG android smart phone? Honestly, in such situations, no matter whether you do have figured out why your android phone will not download programs, you do can try to check several things to see whether such problems could be fixed.
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Why Android Mobile Phone Will Not Download Apps Smoothly as Before?

In daily use, such cell phone not downloading apps problems happens to android phone users due to many reasons, like the faulty internet connection, outdated android market or android phone download manager, android phone low memory issues, corrupted android phone SD memory card and more. So, just check your LG mobile phone and see which one of them is more possible for your case.

How to Download Apps on Android as before?

No matter why your android phone cannot download apps, here are some simple solutions for you to fix such problems:  
1). Restart your LG G5 phone
If your LG G5 phone just stop downloading your chosen apps since this phone just freezes due to high usage, do not rush to doubt others and merely go shut down this android phone safely. And then, reopen it to download these apps again.
2). Check the android phone internet connection
Since such LG phone not download apps issues are also able to be caused by faulty internet connection, the next thing you are supposed to do is to check your android phone Wi-fi or APN connection. Moreover, in case that the Wi-Fi network and the phone APN will negatively affect each other, like blocking each other sometimes, you’d better use one and turn off the other.
3). Check or update your android market and download manager.
In many cases, people just find they can not download anything from the android market since their android phone market or android phone download manager is just outdated. Hence, just go check them and update them all to the latest version. And then, go try to download your needed tools again.
4). Check whether there is still enough free space for app downloading on your android phone.
Of course, if you want to download any new game, program or file, your android phone are often also supposed to offer enough free space. Hence, go remove all unnecessary programs, delete useless android phone files, clean inserted android phone memory card and take more practical measures to free up far more space. 
Please Note: No matter whether you will try to delete or format your phone Micro SD card or SD memory card, always back up very important LG phone data elsewhere at first.
5). Check or change another better memory card
And now, also go check and test your LG android phone memory card, like some CF card, TF card, Micro SD card or the likes. And see whether it is corrupted or failed somehow. If so, it also could be the reason behind your phone not downloading app problems. If this phone memory card is really damaged, just go change another better one for latter use.
6). Factory reset your phone
Of course, if necessary, also go factory reset your android smart phone at last.
All in all, no matter which solutions you will want to have a try, always double check your phone data backups well and act carefully to avoid worse issues.

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