Samsung Galaxy Android Cell Phone Gets Hot

Samsung Galaxy Android Phone Gets Extremely Hot while Using or Charging?

"Hello! When I charged my Samsung Galaxy S4 android phone last night, it got extremely hot and started beeping. And there was also a warning message saying: 'battery temperature too high'. Moreover, in recent days, the same overheated charging issues do have happened several times. Is this normal? What can I do to resolve such too hot android phone problems? Thanks!"

"Hi! I need to know why my Samsung phone gets so hot. No matter when I try to use it for playing games, viewing videos or editing documents or browsing sites online. Is there anything that I can do? Thank you in advance!"

Hello, friends! No worry! It is normal for android cell phone users to encounter such too hot mobile phone problems while using or changing. Of course, you do also get solutions to avoid such issues and bring you worse problems. Hence, just calm down and go see what you can do here:

Why Android Phone Gets Heated?

Generally, there are several reasons that can make android smart phone get extremely hot, including too long calls, long time use, bad battery and more. Just go check the most common ones below and see which one of them is proper for your case: 
1). Running Too many games, applications and files.
In daily use, people often find their Samsung android mobile phones become extremely hot only because they do have been running too many things at a time on their cell phone. How many applications and games have you opened on your phone right now? How many progresses are still running in the background of your mobile phone? How many unnecessary programs or files are still used on your phone? Just go check them all carefully and remove or close some unwanted ones.
2). Too long time use of your cell phone at a time.
When you use your android cell phone to communicate with your friends and families, enjoying videos and audios, playing games, applying installed applications, surfing the internet and even downloading files and folders, your mobile phone does also produce heat at the same time. And when you do have used this phone for hours or even a much long time, it often naturally gets heated as you have faced now.
3). Bad battery or charger
As a mobile phone user, you must also find that your battery or phone becomes warm while it is charging. However, if you do have get a bad battery or phone charger, your phone could become abnormally hot while charging.
4). Others
Honestly, there are also other elements which can bring you overheated android phone problems, like outdated android OS, damaged phone components or even water-damaged phone, etc. Hope you can find yours rightly according to these clues.

How to Avoid Overheating Android Cell Phone Issues?

Generally speaking, since the overheated android cell phone issue does not indicate a corrupted cell phone or damaged phone memory card, it often cannot be completely got rid of. But, also no panic! There are still several suggestions for you to avoid such problems as possible as you can:  
1). Check or change another battery or charger
No matter whether this hot android phone issue is aroused by your bad battery or charger, merely go check the used ones and see whether it is necessary to change another new one for latter use.
Please Note: Always turn off your Samsung phone before you remove the phone battery in case of losing android phone data stored inside android phone SD card or Micro SD memory card.
2). Close or remove unused games, programs and processes.
In case of running too many things in the background to make your phone heated, you’d better check your phone and close or remove unwanted games, programs and processes according to your own needs.
Please Note: Always double check the programs or files before delete in case of any phone data loss troubles.
3). Watch Videos and films on your computer or the like machines, not your phone.
In case that you do have watched videos, films or the like things on your phone too long at a time, you’d better upload at least a copy of your stored android phone videos, films and more to your computer or other machine and go enjoy them there.
Please Note: Also make phone data backups well while you plunge this Samsung phone to your PC.
4). Use video chat instead of phone
In case that a long chat will bring you overheated android phone problems again, go try video chat through your computer, not this mobile phone.
5). Do not use your Samsung phone too long at a time.
No matter what you do have used your android phone to do, you’d better not use it too long. For example, while applying this phone to play a very wonderful game and program, you’d better stop for a while after an hour or less time. When using it to browsing online sites, also remember to relax regularly.
6). Stop using your phone when it is overheated. 
Of course, if you do have forgotten to let your phone relax after a long time use, once you do have found it is overheated, just stop using it immediately to avoid worse troubles.
All in all, hope you can always keep your Samsung android phone cool while using or charging.

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