How to Fix Invalid SIM Card Error on HTC Android Phone

HTC Android Phone Says Invalid SIM Card

"Hello, is there anyone that knows how to fix my android cell phone problems? Honestly, I have used my HTC android phone for two years and recently it seems to cause problems. Just last night, after my boy friend shut down and turn it on since this android phone froze a lot, we just had got an error message saying: 'Invalid SIM card'. But, we did have used this phone for several hours with the SIM card inserted before such invalid error message popping out. Is there any solution for me to resolve such android phone invalid SIM card problem? Thank you for any suggestion here!"

Hello, friends! You do also have used the same SIM card inside your HTC android phone for two years? If so, perhaps this SIM card is really dead for the long-time use. Of course, your phone SIM card error problems are also able to be caused by other reasons. Go on reading this article and see what you can do to resolve such phone problems: 

What Does Invalid SIM Card Error mean?

Generally, such invalid SIM card error messages often deliver three meanings: no SIM card inserted, loose or faulty SIM card connection and unrecognizable SIM card. In other words, no matter why and how you get such android phone SIM card issues, it must have some connections with your inserted SIM card. Hence, go check the inner used SIM card quickly. 

What to Do When You Receive Invalid SIM Card Error Message on Your Android Phone?

Even though such phone invalid SIM card error problems could bring you many troubles, like no message sending, no internet connecting, no call signal and more, they do not always indicate that your phone SIM card is already failed or dead. Honestly, no matter why your HTC phone gets such troublesome problems, you still can go try several solutions to remove such android phone invalid SIM card issues as below:
Step1. Insert a valid SIM card
Since such invalid SIM card error problems could mean that your phone has no valid SIM card inserted, you’d better go turn off your HTC phone rightly and check whether there is a valid SIM card inserted.
Please Note: You are supposed to power off this android phone before you check the SIM card in case that any rude card extraction could damage inner used android phone cards, like the above mentioned SIM card, Micro SD card, SD card, CF card, TF card and the like phone memory cards.
Step2. Remove android phone battery and reinsert SIM card.
As you have read above, the related invalid SIM card error messages are also able to pop out due to loose or faulty connections. Hence, when you do receive such error warning messages, merely go shut down your android phone, remove the phone battery and reinsert the SIM card to have a try.
Of course, in case that your SIM card gets a faulty or damaged connection issues, also clean and test the contacts of your phone SIM card after extracting it out from your android phone. 
Step3. Purchase a new SIM card
After reconnecting your android phone SIM card, you do encounter the same invalid SIM card problems? OK! Perhaps, your SIM card is really damaged. Merely go get another SIM card, insert it to your HTC phone and check whether it could be recognized well there. If it could be read well there, your SIM card must be dead anyhow. Go purchase a new one over the internet, if necessary. But, if the new one also is not able to be read there, your phone may get problems. Go get some professional helps from experts.

Android Phone Says Invalid Memory Card?

When you are trying to access android phone photos, videos, messages, audios and more files saved on the HTC android phone SD memory card, android phone just says invalid memory card? If so, do not rush to add any new picture and files on this phone storage card and go recover android phone memory card data with data recovery software. Merely perform a deep scan on that android phone invalid card and go take all recoverable information back. And then, connect it to your PC and go see what you can do to fix the memory card errors.

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