How to Fix Crashed Apps on LG Android Cell Phone

LG Cell Phone Apps Suddenly Crashed

"Hey, guys there! I downloaded some game apps with my LG android cell phone and played there for only several days. But, yesterday, every time I tried to click and open it on the same android mobile phone, the LG phone screen would go black and back to its main screen. Do you know why these apps keep crashing on my LG smart phone? What can I do now to fix this android phone app crashing problems without data loss? Thanks!"

Hello, friends! No worry! Most android cell phone users have ever met such mobile phone apps suddenly crashing issues resolved them all with simple soft reset, app updating and more. Hence, in your case, do not rush to delete these android phone game apps, files and folders and merely try some solutions firstly to see whether you can fix them all with ease. 

Why Apps Crashed on My LG Android Phone?

Generally, the downloaded apps or programs could crash for many reasons while you are trying to launch it or using it on your LG smart phone. And here are some major ones for you:
1). Sudden Android phone crashing
You are also running many other programs, games, files and the likes at the same time while you are trying to launch or applying the crashed apps? If so, maybe your android phone is only crashed since you do have used too many tools at the same time.
2). Outdated android phone apps
Are you sure you do have downloaded the latest version from android app market or else app downloading sites? Honestly, such crashed app problems also happens to people when these used programs are outdated.
3). Bad or incompatible apps
A used app also is able to crash suddenly since it is corrupted or incompatible on your LG mobile phone.
4). Viruses attack
You do make sure that nearly all your game apps downloaded from the same sites or most of your installed phone apps keeps crashing recent days? If so, your android phone may be attacked by viruses.
Hope you could find your reasons behind such crashed app problems.

How to Fix Crashed Apps on Android Phone?

If you still cannot figure out why your LG android cell phone programs get crashed, do not worry. Here are some common methods for you to fix such crashed apps on android phone for you:
1). Restart or soft reset your cell phone
Honestly, your LG phone is only suddenly crashing or gets the like problems, you can easily long press the power button to restart or soft reset it to fix everything.
Of course, if the simply soft reset helps nothing, also try to remove the battery and boot it up again to have another try.
Please Note: No matter whether you do have left important data on the LG phone memory card, including some Micro SD card, SDXC card, SD card, CF card or more, always power off your android phone and also pull out the phone storage card before you remove the phone battery to avoid damaging android phone memory card.
2). Get an update of that crashed apps and install them all on your LG phone.
If you do have not downloaded the latest version or have not downloaded the latest update to upgrade these crashed apps, you’d better go find the android market and get the update for your phone. And then, install these updates well there.
Please Note: Always download these app updates from authorized and safe sites to avoid viruses.
3). Remove corrupted apps and uninstall it there
Of course, if you are sure you do have downloaded and used a bad app on your cell phone, just remove it off from your LG phone. And then, download and install it well there, if it is necessary.
4). Remove viruses and threats completely    
Run your antivirus software to remove all possible viruses and threats on your LG android cell phone at last.
Overall, in most cases, a simple rebooting always helps resolve such android phone app crashing problems.

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