How to Silence Your Samsung Android Phone

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"Hello! Recently, I was frequently waken up or shocked by the news notifications of my Samsung Galaxy android cell phone. Actually, I had attempted to turn down the volume of this android smart phone. But, it was also really annoying to hear such phone noises frequently. Do you know how to silent everything of this Samsung mobile phone? Thank you for any advice!"

Hello, friends! In these days, nearly all android phone users have ever explained that their cell phone always makes annoying noises while they are sleeping, dating, having a meeting and doing more things. And naturally, they are also seeking for ways to silent their Samsung Galaxy phone, just like you. And fortunately, most of them do find their desired solutions to resolve such noisy phone issues and you are also able to mute your phone successfully. Just keep on reading this article to know more.

How to Silent Noisy Samsung Android Phone?

Generally, no matter which type of android cell phone you are using and how you do have set your Samsung phone, there are always several methods for you to silent your noisy mobile phone:
1). Run your Samsung phone in silent mode
In these days, many android cell phones are designed with a silent mode that will automatically mute any ring, app news notification, lower the phone button clicking sounds and the likes. Hence, if you really are planning to attend a very important business meeting, go to a sleep, do some exercise, finish your housework or business work and more, you can merely set your android phone into the silent mode as below:
Step1. Open your mobile phone Setting menu to click Sound option there.
Step2. Highlight Default notification option under the Sound interface.
Step3. Choose Silent option from the popped-out list.
Step4. Click OK button there to apply your settings.
And then, go reboot your phone to see whether it is really in silent mode.
Please Note: Different cell phone may be asked to activate the silent mode in different methods. You’d better use explore your ways personally.
2). Open every game, tool and app to close its news notifications
Of course, if you only want to close the news notifications from some newly installed games, tools and apps and do not want to must your phone all the time, you can also merely go start every program and tool to close its news notifications. And what you are often supposed to do is only find its generally Setting icon, scan the all listed setting and turn off the news notification function.
Please Note: If necessary, also carefully scan the listed options and see whether you need to close other functions there as well.
3). Turn down the phone sound
When you do have find no silent mode set on your android phone, after closing the news notifications, you can also go try to turn down the phone sound to the endurable level. Merely open Setting option and click Sound interface there. And then, adjust the phone volume to your desired level.
4).Other ways 
Of course, you also have other ways to get rid of your phone noises, like turn down the keyboard clicking sound. Always choose your ways according to your own conditions.

Please Pay Attention:

1). Move all important Samsung android phone data to backup drives or devices.
Before you really start to silent your android mobile phone, you are also supposed to move all very important data to backup drives or devices in case of phone memory card data loss troubles.
2). Do not delete or format Android phone SD or Micro SD card. 
No matter which way you will choose to get rid of the phone noises, hope you can always act carefully and do not delete or format your android phone SD card, Micro SD card or memory card with precious data.
3). Check all setting options carefully before you choose and click them to apply on your android phone.
Always double check the listed setting options of your android carefully before you apply the phone changes.

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