How to Remove Crapware on Your Samsung Android Phone

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"Hello! Recently, I did have factory reset my Samsung Galaxy android cell phone and deleted all third-party apps completely. And in order to restore the functional use of this cell phone quickly, I just searched an android market through this Samsung phone and download many common android phone apps there. However, after downloading and installing the needed programs, I also found many unknown apps that had been downloaded and running there, too. Is there any way for me now to find how many programs on earth have been downloaded and installed on my android phone or how many of them have been running in the background? Is it possible to remove these crapware which will occupy much phone memory and make android phone running slowly? Thank you in advance."

Hello, friends! No worry! In daily use, people are really possible to download and launch many unwanted programs, games and the like tools while attempting to download some very useful ones from android market, Google play and the like software downloading sites over the internet. Before these undesired apps cause any unexpected problem, go find them all out and remove them all off from your android phone completely.

How to Remove Crapware off from Your Samsung Android Phone?

Honestly, it is really common for android mobile phone uses to find that their newly purchased cell phone has been pre-installed many unwanted crapware or many undesired apps are running in the background of their smart phone after they are trying to download or purchase tools from some software market or site, like Amazon, Google Play, Android software market and more.
And some of them could be really annoying since it always open up without any sign. And some of them are really dangerous since they are probably virus-infected and are able change your phone setting without any warning. You are also troubled by such crapware and seek for solution to remove crapware off from your Samsung android phone completely? OK! You come to the right place.
Go follow the below simple steps to find all running apps on your android phone, disable and uninstall all unwanted crapware smoothly:
Step1. Open Setting menu of your Samsung cell phone and select Apps option there.
Step2. Tab All option, roll down the app list and highlight the apps that you want to disable and uninstall.
Step3. Check the setting interface to remove the chosen crapware as you wish.

Please Note:

*After disabling and uninstalling the selected software, you are also supposed to clean the related data and free android phone memory card space. Think twice before you do that.
*Not all these crapware will be completely useless. Just check them all carefully and leave the needed ones according to your own needs.
*In case that some of them are virus infected, also perform an antivirus scan there before you leave anyone of them on your Samsung phone.
*Always double check how many tools or apps you will really download to your android phone before any software purchasing or downloading next time.

Prepare Android Phone Data Backups before Cleaning Your Samsung Phone

While you are trying to remove these crapware off from your Samsung phone, you are also really possible to wipe something useful accidentally or your phone is also to get virus attacked. Hence, in case of any Samsung android phone data loss troubles, always move and save very important phone Micro SD card or SD memory card to backup drives or locations well in advance.

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