Cannot Format Micro SD Card on Samsung Android Phone

Damaged Micro SD Card Cannot Be Formatted on My Samsung Phone

"Hello! I have two SanDisk Micro SD cards used on my Samsung note android mobile phone. One is especially used for android phone videos, and the other is for the rest mobile phone information, like some pictures, songs, messages, contacts and more files. However, this morning, the latter phone memory card seemed to be damaged and kept asking to format. Though I had tried to format this Micro SD card by choosing Yes option, it just said the format could not be completed. Is there anyone who knows how to fix damaged Micro SD card that cannot be formatted on Samsung phone without any data loss? Is it still possible for me now to recover mobile phone data inside this memory card after that format? Thanks for any help!"

Hello, friends! The best bet for you right now is to shut down your Samsung note smart phone, wait for a while and open up this phone to see whether it still gives you the same phone memory card not formatted errors. Also go try whether it could be formatted smoothly there this time. Want to know why you should do such things? Go on reading this article and learn more:

Why Samsung Android Phone Cannot Format Micro SD Memory Card?

No matter what has happened to your Samsung android phone, there are often several possible reasons behind such android cell phone memory card unable to be formatted problems:
1). Temporary Samsung mobile phone problems
In daily use, due to too high usage, overheating issues or the like temporary mobile phone issues, people are really possible to find that their inserted phone memory card asks to format or even cannot be formatted there as usual.
2). Phone Micro SD memory card get unformatted error, unsupported file system error or the like errors.
Merely find you cannot to format phone Micro SD memory card which gets unformatted errors, unsupported file system error or the like logically damaged memory card error problems since you do not want to lose any important android phone data with simple format? OK! This is also one of the most possible reasons why many android phone users cannot directly perform a format there when they are asked to format it before any use.
3). Android phone SD or Micro SD card is write protected or password protected.
When your Samsung phone SD card or Micro SD card is write protected or password protected, you also are not allowed to straightly perform any format on this phone memory card. Just go unlock your phone card quickly.
4). Android phone Micro SD card is damaged
Of course, if unfortunately your android phone Micro SD card is seriously corrupted, you are also really possible to easily find your phone cannot complete a format performed on this phone memory card.
Overall, all of these above listed reasons could be why your cell phone cannot format the Micro SD memory card.

How to Format Micro SD Card or SD Memory Card on Android Phone without Data Loss?

No matter whether you find your reason behind your android phone problems, the following methods are for you to format your android phone memory card without data loss:
1). Reboot your Samsung phone and try to format that memory card again. 
If your Samsung phone only gets some temporary errors, go reboot it and try to format this phone Micro SD card there again.
Please Note: In case of any unwanted phone data loss issues, go back up all important phone data before any format.
2). Format logically damaged android phone Micro SD card after recovering phone data back successfully
And, if you just cannot format this Micro SD card since you do worry about the data stored inside, what you are supposed to do is only go recover phone unformatted memory card files and format this SD card latter to restore its common use.
3). Remove the phone memory card write protection or password protection function.
Unlock your phone Micro SD card before you try to format this Micro SD card on your Samsung note phone again.
4). Use Micro SD card formatting software.
If your phone really cannot format this SD memory card, go plug it to your computer and apply a Micro SD card formatting program to take chances.
5). Purchase another new Samsung phone memory card.
Suspect whether such issues are caused by damaged memory card? OK! Extract the original Micro SD card and go try to read and format a different memory card on this Android phone. If it could be read and formatted smoothly there, your original one must be damaged anyhow, go purchase a new one for your phone.
However, if these methods also cannot help you out, go contact some android phone experts or phone repairing shops for help. To sum up, no matter what happens, always prepare phone Micro SD card data backups well before any format.

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