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"Hello, anyone there! My 64GB SanDisk Micro SD card is only used on my Samsung Galaxy android phone in the past two years and holds nearly all my android cell phone pictures, songs, messages, videos, documents and more files. However, this morning, when I tried to view some photos inside this phone memory card, this Samsung mobile phone just said no SD card inserted. But, I did plug my Micro SD card and had not extracted it for days. Why it cannot be read there? Is it normal? How can I fix such Samsung android Micro SD card not working problems? Is it possible to recover phone memory card files now? Thanks for any help there!"

Hello, friends! Go try turn off this Samsung phone, remove phone battery, reconnect this 64GB Micro SD card and try to access it again. Is it still not detected by your phone? Honestly, such android phone Micro SD card stopping working issues happen to mobile phone users due to loose or faulty connection occasionally. A simple extracting and re-plugging always help fix everything. But, it is also not the only reason that can bring users not working phone memory card problems. Go read more and find your solutions here:

Why Your 64GB Micro SD Card Stops Working?

Honestly, while using a Micro SD card to save precious images, music, messages, contacts, mails and the like files on a android mobile phone, you are really possible to encounter the related phone memory card stopping working problems due to a variety of reasons as below:

1). Micro SD card connection issues.
Generally, if such Micro SD card not working issues really come to you, the firstly thing you are supposed to make sure is to check whether this phone memory card is connected rightly. Why? In daily use, the rotten or dusty memory card metallic contacts can not only negatively affect the functional connection and also are able to break the connection completely in some cases. Of course, the loose storage card connection also could be one of the reasons. Overall, the connection issues could be the reasons behind such phone card problems.
2). Micro SD card get logical damages.
Android phone memory card is possible to stop working on a mobile phone since it is in RAW file system, virus infected, has an unformatted error or the like logical damages, etc.
3). Micro SD card get physically damaged
Of course, your 64GB Micro SD card not working issues are also able to be aroused by physical damages.
All in all, no matter whether your phone memory card is really corrupted or not, you are supposed to check this Micro SD card at first.

How to Fix Micro SD Card Not Working Problems on Android Phone?

No matter why and how you get such not working Micro SD card problems, here are several steps for you to fix them on your own:

Step1. Reopen this Samsung phone
No matter whether your Micro SD memory card is connected well there, merely go power off this Samsung android phone, extract the phone battery, remove and insert this 64GB memory card gain and then, check whether you will receive the same no SD card inserted error message.
Please remember to prepare phone memory card data backups well before any removing.

Step2. Clean the Micro SD card metallic contacts
In case that your phone memory card not reading issues are caused by rotten or dusty Micro SD card metallic contacts, go clean the metallic contacts of this Samsung phone SD memory card. And then, start your phone to have a check.

Step3. Test your android phone with another Micro SD memory card.
Of course, if you want to know whether this phone card problems are aroused by this Micro SD card, merely go remove this 64GB memory card and insert another Micro SD card to take chances.

Step4. Remove all apps that bring you related not working phone memory card problems.
In daily use, such phone card not working problems also are possible to happen because of phone app problems. Merely go start your android phone in safe mode to see whether this Micro SD card working well there. If this Micro SD card does work functionally there, go test and find the apps that arouse such problems carefully and remove them all completely.

Step5. Fix damaged 64GB Micro SD card on your computer

No matter whether your Micro SD card is logically or physically damaged, merely plunge it to your computer with a card reader and check how it shows there. No matter which type of memory card problems you do have encountered and how you will do to fix the memory card problems, hope you can merely go recover damaged Micro SD card data back firstly to avoid any unexpected data loss troubles.

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