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"Hello, everyone there! Honestly, my Samsung Galaxy S3 android phone always works fine and helps me a lot in the past two years. However, recently, it seems to fail and its screen keeps turning black and saying: 'Warning: Camera failed' whenever I try to use its camera for taking pictures or recording videos. When I chose the OK option given there, this android phone would turn back to its main screen. When you do nothing with this camera failed error warning, nothing will also happen. Does that indicate my Samsung cell phone camera is corrupted and could not be used any longer? If not, what should I do now to resolve android phone camera failed error? Please help me! Thanks!"

Hello, friends! From your description, you are likely to encounter an android phone camera app problem which often could be fixed by way of cleaning all related camera app ache and data. But, it is also not the only one reason behind such android phone camera failed error problems. Merely go read more related phone camera issues and try to resolve them all on your own:

Why Such Camera Failed Warning Pops Out?

Generally, in daily use, people are really possible to get such error warning reporting: "camera failed" on an android cell phone. But, that doesn’t mean your mobile phone camera has already seriously damaged. Honestly, except the damaged camera, there are also several else causes related to such phone camera failed error problems:
1). Temporary android phone issues
When your Samsung smart phone get some temporary problems, like too high phone usage, overheated phone and more, you are possible to meet such camera not working problems.
2). Android phone camera app problems
And then, in order to let your android phone camera run functionally and smoothly, Samsung android phones are designed with some camera apps which will help start the phone cameras, take, edit and save phone pictures according to the phone users’ needs. However, once these pre-installed apps are negatively affected by too many trash ache and data, the related camera problems also come to you.
Moreover, in daily use, the third-party camera apps which has been downloaded and used by android phone users also could bring them such camera failed error problems.
3). Low mobile phone memory
Have you checked your android phone memory in advance? How much free space has left on your android phone internal memory and external SD or Micro SD card? To be honest, when your Samsung android phone is in low memory, the related camera issue also happens to you, for such low mobile phone memory could make many phone apps and tools run slowly or abnormally.
4). Mobile phone issues
Of course, if you really have such camera failed issues, it is also possible to be caused by your android phone problems, like damaged phone operating system, phone camera problems and more.
5). Damaged phone cameras
And, at last, a damaged phone camera absolutely brings you such phone camera failed error problems.
No matter which one of them is proper for you, just find some solutions correspondingly.

How to Fix Android Phone Camera Failed Error Problem?

No matter how your related android phone camera failed error issue goes right now, here are several methods for you to have a try:
1). Restart this Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone.
If you think your Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone only get some temporary issues, merely go restart your phone by long pressing Power button there.
2). Clear all camera app cache and data
And then, go try to find your phone camera app and clear all trash cache and data like this:
Step1. Choose Setting menu and tab App manager option there.
Step2. Select camera app and click Force stop, Clear cache and clear data.
Step3. Restart your phone to use the camera.
Please Note: In case of delete useful phone files, back up all needed data to external hard drives, flash drives or the like storage devices on your PC in advance.
3). Remove bad third-party camera apps
Of course, if your phone camera failed error problems are caused by other bad third-party camera programs, go remove them completely to take chance.
4). Make phone data backups and do a factory reset
If you doubt whether it is the problem of your android phone, merely go save phone data backups well and do a factory reset there.
5). Go contact android phone sellers to see whether you can change another new camera
When you are sure your phone camera is really corrupted, go contact phone sellers to see whether they can help you change another new camera for future use.

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