How Do You Block Unwanted Callers on Samsung Galaxy Android Phone

Any Way to Block Annoying Phone numbers on Samsung Galaxy Phone

"Hello! Do you know any way to block unwanted callers on my Samsung Galaxy S5 android phone? In these days, many promotion callers always ring my android phone and borrow me a lot. However, since I am searching for jobs recently, I just also do not want to skip or miss any call to lose any employment opportunity. So, I am wondering whether there are some simple methods to block these annoying promotion calls on my Samsung mobile phone. What am I supposed to do now? Thanks for any help!"

Hello, friends! You can easily add the phone numbers of these promotion callers to the Call Rejection list of your Samsung android phone and then, this phone will help you automatically block them whenever they come again. Of course, there are also more simple methods to block such annoying calls. Merely go on reading this and learn how you can set your cell phone well:

How to Block Unwanted Callers on Samsung Android Phone with Ease?

In these days, once you do have registered your phone number in any online sites, social sites, online markets or the likes, the chance that your phone number has been leaked to many promotion callers is really high. That’s also why you are annoyed by tens of unknown promotion calls everyday. However, also do not feel too depressing. You do also get practical methods to block such troublesome calls with your Samsung android phone. And here are two main ones for you to follow:
Method1: Block Unwanted Phone Numbers on Your Android Phone
Generally, with the fast development of android phone technologies, many android mobile phones are allowed people to easily change the phone setting to block the selected phone numbers. And as with a Samsung android phone, you can try to do that in three ways:
1). Set your phone through call log
Open your android phone call log, pick the listed number that you want to block, open the number setting menu and add it to the Reject List.
2). Block the unwanted calls with contact list tools
Run the phone contact list tool, highlight the caller that you want to block and also add it to the Reject list there.
Please Note: This way only works when you do have added the promotion call numbers to the contact list.
3). Change the phone Setting
Click your phone Setting icon on its main screen, tab Call option, open Call Rejection, hit Auto Reject List and press Create button there.
And you also should know that as with different android phone with different android OS versions, the ways could vary. Merely go explorer your phone by yourself.
Method2: Block Annoying android phone callers with call blocking software
When your Samsung phone is designed with no such call rejection function, also do not panic! To meet the needs of different android phone users, there are also many call blocking apps that will not only help block your selected specific phone numbers and will also automatically block some calls that come from well-known promotion callers which you may not pick up before with your cell phone. Hence, merely go open your internet and search for a related program that is compatible with your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Also Save Samsung Android Phone Data Backups Well at First

No matter why and how you try to block unwanted calls with your Android cell phone, you are always suggested to save phone data backups well in advance all the time. Merely go copy and save all precious data saved on your phone RAM, ROM, SIM card, SD card, CF card or Micro SD card to your computer partitions, USB hard drives, flash drives or the like storage devices for backing up to avoid any data loss troubles caused by accidental format, mistaken delete, memory card blank or unsupported file system error and more.

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