How to Completely Wipe Samsung Note Android Phone before Selling or Donating

Need Completely and Securely Erase all Samsung Note Phone Data

"Hey, guys! Is there anyone that can offer me a step-by-step guide to completely and securely wipe my Samsung cell phone? Honestly, I have used my Samsung note android phone for only one year and planed to purchase an iPhone 6S mobile phone to instead of this old Samsung cell phone for future communication. After erasing everything personal or sensitive data inside this android phone and phone memory card, I would sell it over the internet. However, in this moment, my problem is that how I can completely clean everything inside this mobile phone to avoid any data leaking issue. Do you have any idea for me? Thanks for any suggestion!"

Hello, friends! In your case, the best bet for you is to factory reset your Samsung note mobile phone to erase all stored photos, videos, songs, apps, games, mails, messages, contacts and more data completely. Of course, in case that you will accidentally delete any important android phone files permanently, also save useful cell phone data backups well in advance. Want to know more details and avoid unwanted troubles, keep on reading this article and learn how to completely clean android mobile phone safely before selling or donating:

What You Can Do to Completely Wipe Android Phone before Selling or Donating?

No matter whether you do have planed to donate or sell this old Samsung mobile phone, you are always suggested to wipe everything personal or sensitive completely, unless you want to wake up and find many of your personal photos or videos are shared and transmitted online without your permission or some commercial documents or files are leaked to competitors and ruin important business tasks or more unwanted data leaking problems. And, now, no matter how many methods you do have tried to clean your phone up, here are several steps for you to follow: 
Step1. Copy and back up all important android phone data to save external storage devices.
No matter why you have to sell or donate your android mobile phone, in case of any phone data loss troubles caused by the following deleting or formatting processes, you are supposed to check your phone RAM, ROM and phone memory card, including some Micro SD cards, CF cards, TF cards, SD cards and more, and find all possible useful files and folders out. And then, plunge this phone to your computer and copy them all to your backup storage devices well. Merely make phone data backups well on other USB hard drives, flash drives, CDs and DVDs in advance.
Please Note: In case the backup storage devices gets problems and makes the phone data inaccessible, you’d better always save at least two or more copies of everything important on a couple of storage devices or locations well.
Step2. Wipe all possible cell phone data with delete or format
And now, when all possible important cell phone data is backed up well, you can go delete all phone RAM and ROM data and also format phone memory card to erase everything inside.
Please Note: Format your phone several times after you do make sure all crucial phone data is saved well elsewhere.
Step3. Factory reset your Samsung phone to erase everything completely
And then, go factory reset your Samsung phone to erase all data, games, apps and the likes completely. Simple reset your phone to its factory setting like this: Setting=> Privacy=> Factory Reset.

Please Note:

*If you also have planed to sell or donate the inner used memory card, also select the phone SD card option before you confirm the factory resetting process at last.
*In case that any vicious people would try to restore the wipe phone memory card with any data recovery software, always format your phone memory card several times and also fill it with trash files and folders several times as well.
In conclusion, always back up all Samsung note android phone data to backup drives and do factory reset there to clean everything up.

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