How to Move Data to Micro SD Memory Card on Samsung Android Phone

Need Transfer Photos, Videos, Apps and Files to Samsung Phone SD Card

"Hello, friends there! Please help me! Honestly, recently, I am just wondering whether it is possible to move the photos, videos, apps and files of my Samsung Note android mobile phone from its internal memory to an inserted Micro SD card, a 32GB Samsung Micro SDHC card, but, really don’t know how to do. Do you have any idea? What can I do now to move android phone data to the phone memory card without losing any Samsung phone data? Any suggestion would be highly appreciated here! Thanks!"

Hello! Merely go insert your 32GB Micro SD card to your Samsung note cell phone and set your phone to transfer the desired pictures, videos, games, apps and the like files. And the key points in your case is whether your Samsung phone is designed with a memory card slot that allows you to connect a Micro SD card or SD memory card to store phone information.

How to Move Files from Internal Memory to Android Phone Memory Card?

Honestly, it is often easy to move pictures, audios, videos, apps and files from android phone internal memory to inserted SD card, as long as you do find the right place and set your android phone rightly. However, that way often works when your Samsung note phone allows people to plug a memory card, like your 32GB Samsung Micro SD card. But, if your phone really gets no such Micro SD card or SD card slot, also do not worry. There are also ways for you:

Method1. Plug the Samsung Micro SD card to your Android phone and start to move phone data.

When your android phone is created with a memory card slot, go find this slot and plug your Micro SD memory card in. And then, check your phone to see whether this inserted memory card is readable and useful there. And then, start to change your phone settings and transfer your allocated android phone data as below:
Step1. Open your phone main screen and select My Files icon there.
Step2. Tab All Files option from several options, including Images, Videos, Music and documents.
Step3. Hit Device Storages, not SD card tab there.
Step4. Select a folder and highlight all files that you want to move.
Step5. Click the Menu button of your android phone to choose Share option.
Step6. Copy them and Move them all to your SD memory card.

Please Note: The actual steps could be slightly different according to different android versions and android phone brands (like HTC one smart phone, LG mobile phone and Nokia cell phone, etc). Just patiently set your phone based under its guidance.

Method2. Connect Samsung android phone to computer and try to transfer data to the attached SD card.

But, if your phone gets no memory card slot, also do not worry. You can try to connect this Samsung android phone to your computer, extract desired phone data to computer partitions or devices and then, move it all to your attached SD card. 
Overall, always act carefully to avoid deleting or losing anything important. And a data backup prepared in advance could be a best choice for you.

Why You Have to Save Data to Samsung Android Phone Micro SD Card?

Do you also think it is more convenient to transfer and back up Samsung android phone data from a phone Micro SD card than the phone internal memory? If so, your idea is really correct. Honestly, most android phone users also think so and keep their phone information safely away from any data loss troubles. Even when they do have accidentally deleted or lost any phone file, they do have possibilities to recover missing pictures, videos and files back from phone Micro SD card with the aid of phone memory card file recovery programs. Overall, always at least save one copy of everything important on your phone memory card well. 

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