What to Do When You Forget Password of HTC Android Phone Screen Lock

Forgot Password Screen Lock Password on Your HTC Android Phone

"Hello! I did set a screen password to lock my HTC One M8 android smart phone last night since I did have saved much personal data and downloaded tens of business documents to the inner used 64GB SanDisk Micro SD card. However, this morning, when I attempted to unlock this android cell phone screen, I just found I did have forgotten password and could not access anything inside this HTC phone memory card. What do you often do when you also forget android phone screen lock password? Is it possible for me now to reset my phone password to unlock it smoothly? I am really in a hurry. Please help me! Thanks!"

Hello, friends! How many times have you tried to enter the wrong password? In fact, under your circumstances, as long as you have ever tried to sync your HTC phone with Google account, you will be asked to re-create a password for this android mobile phone after you do have typed screen lock password incorrectly five times. Of course, you are also supposed to log into the related Google account successfully in advance. Still don’t know how to recover your phone password step by step? Keep on reading to know more details here:

How to Recover Forgotten Password of Your Android Cell Phone 

Generally, when you do have forgotten the password of your android phone screen, there are often three practical methods for you to unlock this mobile phone and restore its functional use. So, go try these three ways below to take chances:
1). Unlock and create a new password for Your HTC phone with Google Account.
In daily use, when you do have synced your phone with a Google account before your forget the phone screen password, you can easily try to unlock and create a new password for this HTC android cell phone through that Google account. Merely go purposely type in wrong codes five times on the screen lock interface and the system will show you options, like "Emergency" and "Forgotten password", there. And then, click the "Forgotten password" option or the like options and follow its guidance to recreate your new phone password. Always enter the Google account information rightly.
Please Note: If you do have signed up several Google accounts, just use the one that is synced with your HTC phone only. Only when your Google account information is passed the check of the system, you are allowed to go to the next step and finally set a new password there to unlock your phone.
2). Apply a third-party app to restore your android phone password.
But, if you have not signed up any Google account or synced your phone with any Google play, you may try to use some third-party android phone password recovery software to take chances. Since these apps are designed to help people restore the phone password when you do have lost or forgotten phone passwords, you can easily follow their guidance to unlock your android phone.
Please Note: Always search for a paid or free one according to your own conditions.
3). Factory reset phone to remove its password protection with phone data backups prepared well.
If you are also unluckily on a budget and cannot purchase a third-party program to recover the android phone password, you can try to factory reset your android phone to have a try. Merely long press your Power and Volume buttons together and you will enter the Recover Mode. And then, highlight the Wipe data/factory reset option there to hard reset your android phone.
And since, the factory reset operation will erase all android phone settings and data, please back up all important phone data or double check your android phone data backups well in advance in case of any possible data loss trouble.

How to Save or Recover Android Phone Data Safely before Factory Reset

Honestly, the factory reset function is a android phone feature that can help people remove all installed third-party games, apps and tools, and also erase all saved phone photos, videos, mails, contacts, SMS, audios, documents and more files. In other words, it will merely restore your phone to its factory settings and let you lose everything stored inside the phone. Hence, if you do not want to lose anything precious, merely go firstly save phone data backups before you do a factory reset there. But, if you also cannot access the phone data since your phone is locked now, merely to extract the phone Micro SD card and plunge it to your PC for data backing up. If your SanDisk memory card gets problems, you’d better try to recover android phone data with android phone memory card file recovery software.

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