How to Fix LG G5 Android Phone and Recover Phone Files after Sudden Crash

Is It Possible to Recover Pictures from Crashed LG Android Phone?

"Hello, everyone there! My LG G5 android cell phone just crashed while I was using it searching for some interesting games over the internet. It just suddenly turned itself off and restarted there. But, I did have checked the battery icon of this android smart phone and found there is nearly 85% of power left. So, it could not be caused by low power issues. And how do you think of my LG mobile phone? Is it corrupted or gets any else issue? How can I fix this crashed android phone now? Is it possible to recover lost data from crashed phone? Thanks for any help here!"

Hello, friends! Have you tried to reboot this LG android phone since then? Are you still able to use this android cell phone effectively after a restart? Honestly, if it could work as functionally as before, it could be a sudden and temporary issue and you’d better not worry too much. But, if it could not be used as well as before after being restarted many times or such sudden android phone crash problem happens frequently, your phone may get problems and need to be repaired soon. Of course, hope your important phone data is not damaged due to your phone crash yet.

Possible Reasons behind Such Crashed Mobile Phone Problems

Actually, while people are using the related android mobile phone to play games, contact friends, take pictures, record videos or do something else, such sudden mobile phone crash issue could happen occasionally due to a variety of reasons. And here are several major ones for you to analyze:
1). Crashed or bad apps
Generally, when your newly downloaded, installed or running apps, games or tools are crashed, corrupted, outdated or even incompatible, your cell phone is really possible to be crashed while you are trying to start these crashed or bad apps.
2). Phone operating system issues
When your LG android phone operating system is damaged or outdated, the related phone crash also can occur to you.
3). Virus problems
Many vicious viruses can bring people serious mobile phone problems and crash their android phone mutely.
4). Physical damages
Have you done something to physically damage your android mobile phone before that crash? Honestly, after your cell phone is suddenly dropped into water, fallen to hard ground or broken, you are often really possible to get crashed android phone.
Overall, no matter why your LG phone just crashed, you’d better stop using it to cause worse issues.

How to Fix Crashed Android Mobile Phone without Losing Files?

No matter how seriously your crashed cell phone problem is now, do not give in before you do all your efforts to fix it. Want to fix your LG phone after crash and also rescue your phone files? OK! Here are some useful methods for you:

1). Make backups of crashed LG android phone on other memory cards or storage devices.
No matter whether your phone photos, audios, videos, messages, contacts, files and more are corrupted due to that sudden crash in reality, merely go turn off your phone safely and try to make backups of these important phone files to other memory cards or storage devices on your computer. What you are supposed to do is to take out the Micro SD memory card used on this phone, connect it to your computer, and drag and paste all stored files to your computer partitions or hard drives well.

But, if your PC cannot read or recognize this phone memory card well due to some unexpected problems, like inaccessible RAW format SD card problems, unformatted memory card problems, virus attacked Micro SD card problems and more, you may need to download and use memory card recovery software to rescue and back up desired phone data well.

2). Restart your phone and remove all crashed or bad apps
If your phone crashed while you are trying to use an app, game or tool every time, such crashed phone problems could be caused by that crashed or damaged software. Merely go clear that program completely off from your LG phone. Just uninstall and remove it.

3). Check and fix your android phone OS problems
When your phone problems are possible to be aroused by the android OS issues, you’d better firstly go check its updates to see whether it is outdated. And then, check its files and folders to see whether some essential information is deleted or corrupted. If you do find no actual OS problems, merely try to reinstall it to take chances.

4). Do antivirus scan there timely and clean it up away from any possible virus and threat
If you think your phone is virus infected or gets some weird issues, merely do an antivirus scan there and clean all possible vicious virus and threat off from your android cell phone. Also open the real time protection of your installed antivirus software to avoid any related virus attack problems.

5). Send this phone to repairing shops or agencies when it gets physical damages
If your LG mobile phone is really water damaged or physical damaged, do not rush to discard it and see whether some experts can help you fix it. Merely send it to some professional repairing shops or agencies.
And, these are some common ways for people to fix crashed android phone without data loss. Hope it could give you useful clues to help you out.

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