USB Drive Recovery

Can You Recover Data from USB Drive

Can you recover data from a formatted USB flash drive? Can you retrieve deleted files from a USB flash drive? Can you get back inaccessible files when a USB flash drive shows not formatted error, RAW file system or other errors?

Formatted USB Drive Data Recovery

When transferring data from my USB drive to my Samsung pC, I accidentally formatted the USB drive. Some important pictures are still stored on the USB flash drive without backup when formatting the drive. How can I get back the lost files after formatting the USB drive?

Format USB Drive from RAW to NTFS FAT32

I havea 4GB USB flash drive that its file system has changed to RAW. Windows only detect 208MB as its capacity. I cannot access the USB drive with all method I can use. How can I format the USB drive from RAW to NTFS or FAT32 without deleting files stored on it?

Data Recovery Program for USB Flash Drive Recovery

I want to look for a data recovery program, with which I can recover lost data from my USB flash drive. I like to use my 32GB USB flash drive to save some important data, but the problem is that I often make mistake to lose files from the USB. Last time, I mistakenly deleted an important folder which contains more than 2000 pictures and finally I asked help for a data recovery company. This morning, I made another mistake to format my USB drive. So I want to look for a data recovery program to perfrom a DIY data recovery.

Flash Drive Not Formatted Error

After conneting my flash drive to my school's computer, it shows not formatted error message when I connect it to my own computer. System asks me to format the flash drive, but I have many important files on the drive. How can I fix the not formatted error without losing data?

RAW USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

My USB flash drive has a problem that it shows RAW file system on my laptop. Under Disk Management, it detects the USB drive as healthy drive, but only 20MB capacity can be detected. I cannot open the USB flash drive. How can I get back the files stored on the RAW USB flash drive?

Recover Data from RAW USB Drive

I want to recover some data from my USB flash drive that has RAW file system. Can somebody give me advice? Thanks in advance for any hlep!

Convert RAW USB to FAT32 with Data back

If you want to convert a USB flash drive from RAW to FAT32 without losing any data, you need to rely on a third-party RAW drive recovery software to get back files from the RAW USB first of all before you can format the RAW drive.

Data Recovery from RAW USB Drive

Hello! How to recover data from a RAW USB flash drive? What should I pay attention to in order to recover all lost files from a RAW flash drive? Please advise me!

Corrupted USB Drive Data Recovery

My USB flash drive is corrupted due to virus infection and becomes inaccessible. I am wondering if I can restore files from the corrupted USB flash drive.

Recover USB Drive When Has RAW Format

My USB drive was FAT32 file system before, but it changed to RAW several days ago. Windows asks me to format the drive when I want to open it. However, I cannot format it because I still want to restore files stored on the drive.

Restore USB Drive without Format

Can I restore data from a USB flash drive without formatting? My PC shows RAW drive error on my 32 GB SanDisk flash drive and asks me to format the drive. How can I fix the error with format?

Sony USB Drive Recovery

USB flash drive recovery software download to restore data from all kinds of USB drive including Sony USB when files got lost due to formatting, deleting, USB drive RAW file system, USB drive not formatted error, write error, data error and read error and so on.

Unable to Format USB Drive

Has anybody encountered the following problem: when clicking the USB drive, Windows asks to format the drive. But when formatting the drive, another message pops up that Windows was unable to format the disk drive. Please tell me how to resolve the problem if anybody has the similar experience.

Format USB Drive by Mistake

I formatted an 8GB USB flash drive by mistake. How can I unformat the USB drive and restore lost files due to formatting? The files include some videos, music and pictures.

USB Flash Drive RAW File System

I purchased a USB flash drive recently. I saved lots of data on the drive, but just now when I insert the USB to my PC, Windows only pops up disk not formatted error without allowing me to access the USB drive. The file system of the USB drive also changes to RAW. How can I fix the RAW not formatted error with data back?

USB Drive RAW Format Recovery

My USB flash drive has RAW format when pluging into my laptop. How can I convert the RAW file system and get back lost files on the USB drive?

USB Flash Drive RAW Recovery

Unable to access a USB flash drive that shows RAW file system? Want to restore data on a RAW USB drive? Don't panic! You just need a professional RAW drive recovery software.

USB Flash Memory Not Formatted Error

MY USB flash has not formatted error. Is it possible to fix the not formatted error without formatitng since formatting will erase everything stored on the USB flash drive?

USB Memory Stick RAW Recovery

When a USB memory stick or USB drive shows RAW file system, you can rely on a third-party USB drive recovery software to get back the files from the RAW drive. Then, you can format the USB drive from RAW to NTFS or FAT32.

USB Thumb Has RAW File System

I have a USB thumb that shows RAW format in file system. It needs to be formatted on Windows PC. I have tried to connect it to a Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC. And the same problme exists. How can I solve this problem?

Windows 7 Asks to Format USB Drive

Windows 7 system asks me to format my 2GB USB flash drive, but I don't dare to do it because lots of pictures are stored on the USB drive. Is there any other method to fix the not formatted error without formatting?

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